UPS Freight Contract Scorecard

March 15, 2013: Contract time is the time for all Teamsters to think about where we stand and our future.

UPS has made record profits even in the recession. UPS's freight and cartage division has done quite well and continues to grow in importance to the overall corporation.

It's an ideal time for UPS Freight Teamsters to make gains in our job protections and benefits.

A proposed tentative agreement may be delivered to Teamster members for a vote soon. We need to be prepared to evaluate the contract on the key issues.

We have a Right to Vote by secret ballot, and a right to study the contract and discuss it at meetings and amongst ourselves. This is our power.

We do not have to accept the first offer: the contract doesn't expire until July 31. UPS wants an early ratification. That's a bargaining chip that we can use. We can always send the first offer back for further negotiation and a clear message of what areas of the contract need to be changed to get a yes vote.

The current contract was our first and has many areas that need to be addressed. Below are a few key aspects that many members have highlighted.

Click here to download the UPS Freight Contract Scorecard.

  What We Got in 2008 What We Need in 2013
Wages Comparable wage rates with ABF but well below UPS package car and feeder rates. The part-time dock rates are far below union standards. Significant pay increase for drivers and dock. Bring everyone up to union scale.
Pensions & Benefits Substandard health insurance and no Teamster pension. Improvements in health coverage. Ken Hall has stated that Teamsters under the package contract will not pay one cent for coverage. We should get the same in the UPS Freight contract: end the second-class status. Improvements are needed in pension benefits also.
Subcontracting Article 44 has devastated our road boards. We have actually lost ground under the contract. We need firm language eliminating subcontracting. Both the UPS and National Master Freight contracts have language that could work. Bring all the jobs in-house.
Work Rules Article 41 Existing Practices. A blank slate to be determined within 60 days of ratification. In most areas nothing was ever agreed to. Get clear and firm language on a procedure and deadline for establishing work rules.
Transfer Rights No Transfer Rights. Established Transfer Rights. Any UPS Freight Teamster should be able to transfer and bid on an unfilled position at any terminal providing their seniority allows.
Layoff and Recall No layoff recall language. Firm formula on overall overtime hours that triggers recalls from layoff status.


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