UPS Freight: A Vote No Means a Better Contract

UPDATED January 8, 2014: 69% voted NO on the first offer. We can do it again, and this time can win real improvements.

Be at the meeting this weekend to cast your vote—your one chance in five years for a better contract.

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The new UPS Freight deal is very little changed from the first proposal, which members rejected by 69%. Basically they put lipstick on that pig. The full proposal is available here.

There are two substantive changes since the coast-to-coast rejection. First, on page 23, there is a change to allow senior drivers who have final average wages over $73,000 to retain an enhanced pension. (See italic language on page 23; Article 25, Section 6)

The second change is to tweak the language of the two-tier wages for proposed Line Hall Drivers (LHD). This change is to Article 44 Subcontracting. See the italic language on pages 32-34. The changes since the first disastrous proposal are in italics.

One union rep asked Ken Hall if the new language would eliminate subcontracting. It will not. There will be a new two-tier scale for road drivers that will still allow subcontracting. So the company has two options: they can subcontract, or hire LHDs at essentially nonunion wages.

Members had set four goals for improvement:

  • Improved pension benefits. The new deal provides some protection for a small minority of drivers, and no change from the first proposal for over 80% of Teamsters.
  • Elimination of subcontracting and no LHD drivers who will be paid essentially nonunion wages. The new deal tweaks the language to tighten it up, but leaves it basically intact and continues to allow subcontracting.
  • Wage increases at least in line with UPS package, as we got in the 2008 contract. No change here.
  • No payment of premiums for health coverage.  No change here.

These are reasonable proposals, not pie in the sky and zero of them have been met.

Vote this Weekend

Ken Hall tried to justify the quickie vote this weekend, and no mail ballot. After waiting seven months, Hall claimed they need quick approval to make pension improvements in 2014. When one union rep stood to call for a mail ballot, he was quickly shot down.

The procedures for voting provide that only those who come to the meeting will make the decision.  

Be there! Make your vote count. Send them back to the bargaining table. One more No Vote will win more than token changes.

Do not be scared off by the language about, “authorizing a strike.” The key word there is authorize; Hall does not want a strike and neither does UPS. If members stand up to the bluffs and threats, we will win a better contract through our solidarity.

Be informed. Spread the word. Be at the meeting and cast your secret ballot vote.

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