YRCW Voting Rules Changed

UPDATED January 22, 2014. 4:00 p.m. The International Union has just issued new Rules for contract voting by 26,000 YRCW Teamsters. The changes 1) are to allow Friday voting in a sealed envelope for drivers subject to dispatch who will not be back to their home local to vote on the weekend; and 2) clarify that anyone on layoff, but who has worked in the past three years, may vote, even if they are on withdrawal.

The full tentative agreement is available here. We encourage members to review it and share it with co-workers.

A Summary of the Tentative Agreement is available here.

It is considerably changed from YRCW’s “wish list” which was overwhelmingly rejected by members. Reduced vacation pay has been modified, and delaying three-weeks of vacation until 11 years of seniority is out. The two-tiered wage increase is out (Non-CDL dock and office workers were denied any wage increases in the first proposal) and non-CDL new-hires will have a progression. The proposal to use Utility Employees is out.

The lump-sum bonus the first two years of the five-year extension is still in; but those on seasonal layoff will get the bonus. The use of purchased transportation has added protection for road work, but is still in.

The proposed contract extension will be voted by secret ballot this weekend – January 25-26 – at union meetings. We encourage all YRCW Teamsters to be there and cast a vote. The votes in each local will be counted immediately following the meeting. You can review the rules for the vote and counting ballots here.

Note that the Rules (see #1) state that “The  company has committed to arrange work schedules so that drivers will be available to vote at their home Local Unions.”  We encourage members to see that it is enforced.   Note also that the Rules provide for observers of the entire process, from the start to the count, which will be immediately after the meeting, or last meeting. (see #4-15). Teamsters should consider volunteering to be observers. Note that “locals shall provide facilities for members to mark their ballots in secret” (see #10).

John Moses of Logistics Capital Management, IBT’s economic advisor on YRCW restructure, told the local officers at today’s meeting that the company will very likely declare bankruptcy if the tentative agreement is rejected, and that financing is contingent upon it passing.

The local union officers voted overwhelmingly to recommend it to the members, with several locals not voting, and several others voting No.

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