New Contract Delivers $1,000 Pension Increase

More than 60,000 full-time UPS Teamsters in the Central Region, South and the Carolinas have won record pension increases of up to $1,000/month.

The IBT-UPS Pension Plan covers Teamsters in 22 states. It is the biggest pension plan covering full-time UPS Teamsters, but for years members in it have gotten the lowest benefits of all major Teamster pension funds.

By standing together and standing up to UPS, members have won record pension increases.

Under the new contract:

  • 35-at-55 pension will be $5,300 a month.
  • 30-at-55 pension will be $4,800 month plus $100 for each additional year of service up to $5,300.
  • 35-&-out-, 30-&-out, 25-at-57, and 25-&-out benefits are all increased.

Anyone who reaches these benchmarks during the contract can retire with these benefits on or after January 1 2024—as long as the contract is approved.

Members in the 22 states covered by the plan passed out UPS Teamsters United leaflets and petitions to demand these improvements. Sean O'Brien and the National Negotiating Committee fought for the members at the bargaining table—and together we won.

The new contract also includes $7.50 raises for every Teamster, eliminates two-tier 22.4, ends forced 6th punch, bans driver-facing surveillance cameras, establishes MLK Day as a paid holiday, forces UPS to install AC in one-third of its fleet, and more.

Click here to download the leaflet.


Click here to download the Q&A.

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