UPS Tentative Agreement Q&A for RPCDs

Get the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about what the Tentative Agreement means for Regular Package Car Drivers at UPS. Download and share the Tentative Agreement Q&A for RPCDs to keep members informed.




UPS Tentative Agreement Q&A for RPCDs



What are the wage increases for RPCDs?

If you are currently a full-time employee who is in the progression or has completed the progression, you will get $7.50 in General Wage Increases. You get the GWI every August 1. You can never be paid less than what you’re entitled to under the progression, but you can be paid more by getting the GWI. Employees who enter the progression after August 1, 2023 only receive the GWI after completing the progression. (See PDF for full breakdown) 

What about COLA? 

RPCDs who have completed progression are eligible for a Cost of Living allowance (COLA) each year on August 1 in addition to the GWI. The COLA triggers if the cost of living goes up more than 3% based on May-May figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Can I be forced in on a 6th day?

No. UPS cannot force RPCDs to work any day outside of their regular 5-day work week.

What are my 9.5 rights? What are 9.5 changes?

All current RPCDs will have full 9.5 rights. Penalties for repeated 9.5 violations can now go up to quadruple time. If you are assigned excessive overtime on the remaining 2 days of your workweek, you can be awarded a triple-time penalty.

What about 8-hour requests?

8-hour requests now require only 3 workdays notice, not 5. Penalty pay for violating a granted request is now double-time. If you determine during the day that you can't finish within 8 hours, management is responsible for making adjustments to make it possible.

Will my workweek change? 

If you were hired before August 1, 2019, you cannot be forced from a Monday-Friday to a Tuesday-Saturday work week. If you were hired on or after August 1, 2019, you will bid either a Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday work week based on seniority according to the bid process in your Supplement or Rider.

Will there be driver-facing cameras?

There will be no driver-facing cameras or audio or video recording devices. UPS can install outward-facing cameras, but they cannot be used for discipline. In-cab sensors can only be used to alert drivers of possible distracted driving. The sensors record no data and provide no data to management. They cannot be used for discipline.

What happened with PVDs?

UPS part-timers will have the opportunity priority to perform all personal vehicle work during peak with an 8-hour guarantee of work. Additional seasonal support drivers will only be allowed from Nov. 15 to Dec. 26. Seasonal support drivers cannot be used to alter or reduce an RPCD’s bid delivery area or reduce their overtime opportunities.

Tentative Agreement Toolkit

Our credible strike threat has made UPS deliver a contract win we can be proud of. Help members understand what we won and the ins and outs of the proposed contract with the UPS Tentative Agreement Toolkit. We’ll be updating this page regularly with leaflets and answers to frequently asked questions. Use the toolkit in parking lot meetings, break rooms, and at the gates to help members cast an informed vote. 


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