Sysco Teamsters Fight Back to Win

Sysco members united to win strong contracts this year. Since ratifying those contracts, Sysco has been violating the contract to try to take back our win. Click to register for a webinar on Sunday, August 13th to learn more about how we can fight back against bully tactics to enforce our contract and win safe working conditions

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Online Workshop: The Legal Rights of Union Stewards

Hundreds of Teamster members joined our webinar on The Legal Rights of Union Stewards with labor attorney Dave Suetholz. Check out a recording of the workshop below, plus workshop slides and resources for grievance investigation.

Important Update on Yellow Corp Bankruptcy

As Yellow Corporation moves to liquidate its assets, the IBT is fighting for former Yellow Teamsters in court to recover vacation pay, grievance settlements, and other monetary claims. Teamster benefit funds are also demanding full payment. 

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