Contract Update Webinar: UPS Talks Break Down, Teamster Unity is Unbreakable

Five thousand UPSers joined today's UPS Teamsters United webinar on how we'll win at UPS. Watch the video below. Download and distribute the new Contract Update leaflet and click here to take action from practice picketing to Blow the Whistle on UPS Greed parking lot actions. 

UPS Teamsters have backed up our union with a strike authorization vote of 97% and practice picketing and ready-to-strike actions. 

Our strike threat has paid off at the bargaining table. UPS was forced to agree to make all 22.4s into RPCDs, establish Martin Luther King Day as a paid holiday, end forced sixth and seventh punches, and agree to many other improvements. 

But when it came time to negotiate wages and benefits, the company low-balled us and walked away from the negotiating table.

Management is trying to pit full-time against part-time, Teamster against Teamster. It won’t work. 

In our webinar, UPS Teamsters got an update on what happened in contract negotiations and why contract talks broke down. We talked about what happens now and what we can do to win the contract we deserve. 

Today's webinar cost $2,500 and was paid for by TDU members, not the union. Donate a few bucks if you can or Join TDU.


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