Teamster Election Protest Denied, Fight Continues

[Reprinted from Teamsters United] Teamsters United will appeal the decision today by Election Supervisor Richard Mark to deny members a rerun. Fred Zuckerman vowed to continue organizing members for change.


The case for a rerun is clear. Hoffa-Hall used millions of dollars in members’ dues to benefit their campaign and deny members a fair vote by obstructing investigators and hiding corruption probes from the members.

Teamsters United will appeal the decision made by Election Supervisor Richard Mark to the Election Appeals Master Judge Kathleen Roberts.

Members elected six Teamsters United candidates to be the International Union Vice Presidents for the Central and Southern Regions.  

“It’s the members that elected us and it’s the members we will serve,” said Central Region Vice President Tony Jones.

“We will be your voice—and we will have your back,” said Southern Region Vice President John Palmer.

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There is no fixed timeline for a ruling from Judge Roberts—and her decision could be subject to further appeals by Hoffa-Hall or Teamsters United. 

“Teamsters United isn’t waiting around. We’re going on the offense,” Zuckerman said. “Our supporters are holding organizing meetings around the country. We’re stepping up, not backing down.”

Teamsters United won a majority of the vote from Teamsters in the U.S. and an overwhelming majority of the vote from the members whose contracts and benefits are negotiated by the International Union.

“The members have no confidence in Hoffa-Hall and we are not going to sit on our hands and let them to continue selling us out,” Zuckerman said.

“Teamsters United will broaden our coalition and we will unite members to oppose contract givebacks, take on corruption, and defend our healthcare and pensions,” Zuckerman said.

Teamsters United is also helping members who are running for office in local union elections.

“The IBT election showed that many local officers were out of touch with the members. Now they face a choice: they can stand with their members or they will find themselves replaced by new leaders who will,” Zuckerman said.

“We are reaching out to new allies and counting on members to stay involved. We are fighting to save this union—and we are just getting started,” Zuckerman said.

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