Teamsters United Rout in the Eastern Region

The O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United Slate swept the Eastern Region with 75% of the vote.

Regional_Results_East_thumb.pngOZ Teamsters United won every state and Joint Council in the region. 

Teamsters United Slate candidates piled on to the growing national victory margin by winning overwhelming victories in their home locals.


Boston Local 25

Sean O'Brien (General President)
Joan Corey (VP At-Large)

New York Local 804 Vinnie Perrone (Trustee) 96.3%
New York Local 202 Dan Kane (Trustee) 93%
Rhode Island Local 251 Matt Taibi (Eastern Region VP) 91%
Charlotte Local 71 Willie Ford (Trustee) 83.5%
Connecticut Local 1150 Rocco Calo (Eastern Region VP) 92%
New York Local 237 Greg Floyd (VP At-Large) 70.3%
Philadelphia Local 107 Bill Hamilton (Eastern Region VP) 95.1%
Virginia Local 822 James Wright (VP At-Large) 94.2%

Click here for complete local-by-local results from the East

Ken Hall and Denis Taylor Go Down

“In New York City, we built a volunteer army that campaigned in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC,” said UPS Teamster and Local 804 member Antonio Rosario from the vote count site. “It is awesome to watch these vote totals roll in. Whether the local officers were with us or not, the members want change and they are voting Teamsters United.”  

Hoffa’s UPS Package Division Director Denis Taylor lost his home Local 355 for the second consecutive election on his way to retirement. 

Members in Ken Hall’s home Local 175 also voted for Teamsters United. 

Following the national pattern, Vairma-Herrera candidates carried their locals with low turnout. 

Vairma running mate Tom Gesualdi was the rare exception in getting members in his home local to vote in above average voter turnout.

Congratulations to newly-elected Eastern Region Vice Presidents Matt Taibi, Greg Floyd, and Rocco Calo. 

On Thursday, the Vote Count moves to the Western Region and finally to Teamsters Canada.

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