UPS Tentative Agreement Toolkit

Our credible strike threat has made UPS deliver a contract win we can be proud of. Help members understand what we won and the ins and outs of the proposed contract with the UPS Tentative Agreement Toolkit. We’ll be updating this page regularly with leaflets and answers to frequently asked questions. Use the toolkit in parking lot meetings, break rooms, and at the gates to help members cast an informed vote. 


The Tentative Agreement Toolkit includes:

Download the toolkit materials and share them with other Teamsters. Check back with this page for more updates.

Click here to network with other UPS Teamsters who are working together to inform members about what we won and answer their questions about the tentative agreement. 

Register for a Teamster webinar on Monday, July 31 with General President Sean O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman for an update on the tentative agreement. The webinar starts at 8pm EDT / 7pm CDT / 6pm MDT / 5pm PDT. Registration is required.

Download the Summary of Key Changes in the Proposed Contract

Download the Complete Tentative Agreement

Download the Q&A on Part-Time Pay

Download Part-Time Wage Examples

Download the Q&A for RPCDs

Download the Q&A for 22.4s

Download Western Conference Pension Myths & Facts

Download Record Pension Increases in IBT-UPS Pension Plan

Download the IBT-UPS Pension Q&A

Wage Increases and Progression

New charts from the International Union show how the wage increases work for each classification. Note: If you are currently in progression, you get the general wage increase. Download the chart for your classification here:

UPS Supplement and Rider Tentative Agreements

Click here to read all UPS Supplement and Rider Tentative agreements.

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