UPS Supplement Comparison

UPS Teamsters work under a variety of supplements and local riders to the National Master contract. See how your contract stacks up on the issues that matter to you. 

The Comparison covers most of the largest Supplement and Riders, but not every single one. New sections and updates will be added to the comparison based on member comments.

Check out your own Supplemental language under each topic. Send back your questions, comments, and feedback to UPS Teamsters United at [email protected].

Check the website often for short articles highlighting strong supplement language on the key issues.

2018-2021 UPS Supplement, Rider and Contract Comparisons

Vacation - Full Time

Paid Time Off

Lunch Breaks

6th and 7th Punch Pay and Protections


Cardinal Discharge

8 Hour Requests

Helper Pay

Feeder Passes

Air Language

Funeral Leave

This Supplement Comparison is a member-created, non-official resource. 
The comparison only summarizes select, limited issues. 
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