Yellow Updates Proposed Change of Operations, IBT Maintains Objections

Yellow has filed updated change of operations documents to consolidate Holland and New Penn into Yellow across the Midwest, East and South. Read the company's new proposed change of operations and the proposed utility employee change of operations. The Teamster National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee (TNFINC) does not accept the change of operations as drafted and the Freight Division made this opposition clear in a message to local unions.

"The revised propose change of operations continues to be massive in scope and TNFINC does NOT or approve the revised change as it is drafted," said Teamster Freight Director John A. Murphy in a memo to all local unions representing Teamsters at Yellow. "To the contrary, Yellow and every other Freight Company should be on notice that TNFINC will object and oppose any change of operations that is written in vague language, erodes contractual standards and practices, and which has the potential to disrupt and upend our members' lives."

"This is a new era in the Freight Division. We will no longer simply go along to get along," Murphy continues. "YRC Freight, Holland, and New Penn Teamsters have time and again stepped up to save this Company. The Company needs to respect its workers and not take them for granted."

“The Teamsters are done making concessions and we will not be pushed around,” said Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien.

As drafted by Yellow, the proposed change would create 36 Designated Terminals. Road Drivers moving freight into a Designated Terminal can be put to work on the dock at the Designated Terminal.

Approximately 20-25% of Linehaul bids in the East, Central and South would do this work under the proposed change. 

The Designated Terminals in the company’s proposal would be in: Toledo, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Saint Paul, Indianapolis, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Des Moines, South Bend, Rock Island, Cleveland, Columbus, Saint Louis, Greensboro, Buffalo, Spartanburg, Richmond, Maybrook, Camp Hill, Penn., Harrisburg, Hagerstown, Orlando, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Jackson, Miss. and two terminals in Atlanta. 

The new proposal is changed from the initial proposal filed in October 2022; the IBT Freight Division forced that proposal to be pulled back. That initial proposal included 998 “utility driver” positions. The new proposal reduces that number to 121.

The company has requested a hearing on the change during the week of March 10 and wants to implement the Change of Ops by April 30.


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