IBT Approves YRC Cameras in all Trucks

The IBT Freight Division has given the green light to YRC to install front-facing cameras in all tractors to record events such as swerves, speeding, and hard braking. YRC has agreed to not use the recordings for discipline; only to “protect” drivers.


YRC has tested the cameras in Dallas, Houston, Jackson and Kansas City and is moving forward nation wide.

The cameras record constantly but preserve 8 seconds of video before an incident and 4 seconds afterward. IBT Freight Director Tyson Johnson, in a December 3 memo, states that the intent is “solely to reduce accidents” and “will likely serve to exonerate both the drivers and the company from many accidents.”

We hope so. That would be a win-win. But many Teamsters are concerned that technology that starts out as a win-win can end up as a win-lose, with another tool to fire drivers.

If we could count on a strong Freight Division and grievance procedure, we would cheer this on. Since we cannot count on that from the Hoffa administration, we urge drivers to be vigilant. 

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  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-11-06 16:36:33 -0500
    Thank you very much for your comments, but I have to congratulate you on your fall to the bottom. All 99% of the population is in a race to the bottom, you apparently have a huge advantage. It seems you have a great view. Good luck William O’Neil I’ll be praying for you.

    PS This discussion no longer open.
  • William Holiday
    commented 2016-11-06 15:21:21 -0500
    You guys still hoping the tooth fairy comes and leaves you a dollar ? Hall was outed as dishonest. you already know about Hoffa. The election that you are all hoping for is a pipe dream. And what do you geniuses do ? Flap your gums look in the mirror wear you’re little satin teamster jackets and delude yourself with wishfull thoughts of courage. You guys are the laughing stock of what’s left if the labor movement. You can’t organize, membership is down and next year everyone will get the news that your pensions are cut NOT 50% BUT 63.4 %.
    Enjoy your teamster membership. Lemmings .
  • John Newton
    commented 2016-10-29 00:51:46 -0400
    Glad I am retired. The six years I worked for Yellow Freight as a line haul driver seemed longer than the rest of my 40 year career.
  • Stephanie McAllister
    followed this page 2016-10-05 12:13:39 -0400
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-02-04 17:33:08 -0500
    To start off I know this the wrong forum to mention this,but had no other option. So here we go YRC mentioned at the beginning of 2015 we would get profit sharing if we hit 97 % operating ratio well surprise it didn’t happen. Yrc reported today a 98 operating ratio so we don’t get a dime,but nonunion Reddaway gets one.these people have no shame in what they do.CEO making over 10 million a year,cameras going in tractors wasn’t free.Fuel has been cut in half for more than a year. I say this relying on them for increases on pay or overall pay is BS.I call on Tyson, Hoffa to look into this and stop any other request before there’s a request. No more agreeing to anything until this Mickey mouse outfit is out of financial danger. All I can WoW!!!!
  • Jim Matthews
    commented 2016-02-04 07:15:41 -0500
    Bill what’s with all the anger and hatred , you sound like you miss being a Teamster.
    Let it go
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-02-03 18:35:08 -0500
    Billy not only dose it seem you didn’t get past the 7th grade you lie .everything you mentioned is a bunch of BS..you should’ve stayed there sounds like a good job,but like everything you mentioned it’s Bull…
  • William Holiday
    commented 2016-02-03 16:59:51 -0500
    I’ve been with Int. Paper (non Union) for 17 years and before that UPS for 22 yrs. (Union) and I can assure you my non Union benefits are superior to the corrupt Teamsters that you all continue to support . my pension is funded constantly in the 94-98% range for the past 17’years. My BC BS Ins is a 90/10. 5 weeks of vacation. 10 sick days and 3 personal paid days. OT after 8 $1.00 night differential $26.80 per hour. Like I said before : keep giving the givebacks. The YRC CEO Makes millions thanks to the Teamsters.
    How much are you drivers making now with the giveback ?
    Your own teamsters brothers are not supporting Hoffa and the Union. LOL.
    Get those Satin teamsters jackets and run around in circles while all the non Union trucking companies slowly suffocate the rest of you.
  • Jim Matthews
    commented 2016-02-03 13:19:50 -0500
    Cameras will not be used for discipline, I guess just like on the dock.
    They spy on you then they walk out and act like they weren’t looking at the cameras they saw you in person doing something they don’t like.
    The company is horrible to work for and the IBT and Hoffa are useless
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-01-18 16:54:14 -0500
    Willy, Billy what ever it is.We all understand what your saying it’s just your trying or just being an While to convince some of us that we’re better off non union with no contract then union with a contract. To me I just don’t see how it’s a better alternative then what we got now.those states you mentioned are not better off it was a selling point from the politican to vote against there interest and it worked. At the end of the day here you are trying to convince some of us to head down a lonley path so I say Billy go work for those non-union outfits and good luck. I believe all hard working Americans will have our day and that will only happen when we all speak, talk, walk the same that’s what a union is sticking together. This is nothing what our fellow American worker went through back some 60 years ago… I don’t see myself giving up..it’s about not giving up,keep fighting. Good luck and God bless you Willy or Billy..
  • William Holiday
    commented 2016-01-18 16:23:55 -0500
    Keep paying dues victims to a broken, corrupt system :
    how many right to work states are there ? ID,wy,nv,ut,Az,nd,sd,ne,ks,ok,tx,la,ar,ia,wi,mi,in,Tn,ms,al,ga,fl,sc,nc,va, LMAO !

    When given the choice your fellow union brothers in Wisconsin left in a hurry.

    For example, in Wisconsin nearly 60,000 public-sector employees left the state’s largest teachers union and more than 30,000 state, county, and municipal employees left their union after the state enacted a law that exempted public-employee members of collective bargaining units from being forced to pay dues. Those figures represent more than fifty percent of the unions’ total memberships prior to the enactment of the state law.
  • Steven Lopriore
    commented 2016-01-13 05:08:57 -0500
    Willy, you have to get organized, your all over the place, must be that sixth grade education. First of all I think your on the wrong forum, this ones for the use of cameras in tractors, TDU has a place for you to take out your pension frustration on another page. But seeing how your here, why didnt you identify yourself as a Teamster member instead of insulting us brothers. I feel your pain, I know my pension will be cut also, its not fair to contribute all those years and then get screwed. The union should have done more to protect our pensions. I wont pretend to know all that went on with CS, but it was definetly mismanged. You should also be mad at the fat cats on Wall St for causing the financial crisis this companys in, and the government for deregulation of the trucking industry, thats what caused this mess!…Guess you should have went to work for Conjob or Fedex and been a Scabby if you cant find any other reasons for being a Teamster!…Oh and the delay thing, read a Fedex manual and youll see they get around paying certain delay time by stating it was figured into their mileage rate of pay!
  • William Holiday
    commented 2016-01-12 09:45:37 -0500
    What a great Teamster Pension I Thought I Had ! LMAO !!!! Let’s pay the head guy at CS $400,000. That way he can cut the Teamster Pensions by 50%.

    Lemmings Unite !

    Funded Percentage


    Valuation Date
    January 1, 2014
    January 1, 2013

    January 1, 2012

    Funded Percentage
    Value of Assets


    Value of Liabilities

  • William Holiday
    commented 2016-01-12 09:39:21 -0500
    Scabby driver ? . Every time someone expresses his own view. We label him Scab ? That’s why you guys only got to 12 th grade. keep drinking the kool aid. By the way your Pension is not 100% funded you should do a little reading about what’s about to happen to your so called 4500.00 a month pension LOL. Multi employer funded. LOL , By the way watch what the US Supreme Court is about to do to Public sector Unions ! Private sector unions are next. LOL. No one cares. Your Union sold you out the execs at YRC were paid thousands in bonuses while you took a cut in pay. Oh by the way, 12th garage graduate. If You are an hourly employee Federal law mandates that you get paid for every minute break down or not. Keep paying dues to Hoffa and Company they love people like you. 87% percent of your own members don’t care enough to vote in the general. Great support. Wear your little teamster jackets and tell everyone how tough we are with are cut in pay and slashed pension benefits.
  • Juni Cohen
    commented 2016-01-12 04:11:32 -0500
    thank god the internationan sold us out.
  • Steven Lopriore
    commented 2016-01-11 20:45:55 -0500
    Alex we dont have to validate ourselves to that scabby, we know all the benefits we get as union members, his dont even come close. If he gets a 401k, he has to put money in for the company to throw him crumbs, he pays over $100 a week for family healthcare which is a joke with all the yearly deductions he has to pay before he gets anything. For $55 a month dues, we get union rep, full healthcare, dental, eyecare, and pension 28yrs worth $4500 now which should be $5500 and growing, 4wks vaca, 5wks in 2yrs, 5 sick, 2 personal, 11 holidays, and about $80000 yr. with 15% pay cut. We get paid for all delay time waiting, breakdowns, etc…Scabby doesnt get that! Hes probably a little sheep at work afraid to speek up afraid to get fired, prob got his nose up his bosses ass all day!…You take it easy brother!!!
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-01-11 13:59:40 -0500
    Billy.. No getting nasty now.You mentioned under funded pension. I put in 19 years of my life and secured a 2,800 month pymt.Ask a non union what he or her gets for 19 years of service. They be lucky if it passes 1,000 .I’ll keep paying my dues cuz I believe in our country, our way of life. I believe eventually people will wake up… So wake up Billy time to smell the roses.
  • William Holiday
    commented 2016-01-11 09:10:20 -0500
    Seriously, they love lemmings like you keep paying dues, follow the crowd, and remember the cute labor quotes. The dues that you spent supporting corrupt, overpaid idiots what do you end up with Receipts ? Oh, wait you end up pensions underfunded, TEAMCARE, etc.
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-01-11 08:19:46 -0500
    Remember. The Union is only as strong as it’s members. Enough said…
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2016-01-11 08:17:32 -0500
    I don’t know about wasted years.ask a non-union driver like FedEx,Conway after 14 years what they end up with. A bag of nothing.No matter what being under a contract is way better than no contract. I get mad and frustrated,but I still think working people are better off being protected by a union contract than a company human resources department.
  • Juni Cohen
    commented 2016-01-11 05:09:55 -0500
    wasted fourteen years of my life as a teamster most as a steward got nothing blahh
  • James Oneil
    commented 2015-12-20 23:27:03 -0500
    Sylvester lost his own local 804 election ! perfect guy to hook your wagon to LMAO !
  • James Oneil
    commented 2015-12-20 14:25:12 -0500
    Sylvester will not win. to much corruption TDU has not won anything in the past 25 years ! The current labor model is a dinosaur. UPS runs the teamsters. Nothing anyone does will change that. Look, at the numbers at realize it’s futile :
    More IBT members retire, quit, die. Per Year then the IBT can organize new members. So, the Teamsters are slowly suffocating. Membership declining etc. it’s over. Forget about it. The Sylvester thing is fools errand .
  • Steven Lopriore
    commented 2015-12-20 05:48:35 -0500
    James vote for Tim Sylvester in the upcoming election like me!
  • James Oneil
    commented 2015-12-20 04:09:05 -0500
    Why does everyone continue to belong to this crap Union when the officers of the IBT have repeatedly S_ _ _ on the members ? Because you are all victims. Nobody has the balls to resign and go fair share. So stop complaining about YOUR UNION keep sending your dues into them. Keep taking pay cuts, keep taking reductions in your pension. Lemmings unite ! Victims one and all. Fair Share #705 Chgo.
  • Leroy C Olsen
    commented 2015-12-19 14:29:36 -0500
    Once YRC agreed to have teamster members on their executive board Hoffa and Johnson completed their change from union officers being paid to much to business owners wanting more from (and exploiting) workers. When we were told that the union would be on the YRC executive board, WE thought that this would be a good way to keep an eye on the way OUR money was being spent. Regrettably, this was just another lie from the union, as a very respected Union brother stated just the other day, “YRC has gotten themselves an excellent Union, unfortunately it used to be OURS.” So thank you Mr Hoffa and Johnson, for allowing this company to screw us again and again, I think that without you two clowns helping YRC, maybe we would still have our lost pay, vacation, and benefits …maybe not…….but, we would still have our dignity, and respect for OUR UNION.
  • Steven Lopriore
    commented 2015-12-18 03:03:36 -0500
    Had one tonight with a camera, now we have pretty red led lights going off to go along with the buzzers and beeps, I turn up the radio and its like Im at the club! What a waste of my 15%! All because they cant find any drivers with experience at the scab wages they pay now!
  • James Oneil
    commented 2015-12-17 23:47:11 -0500

    Unfortunatly, the IBT has created this mess by giving up on organizing Freight Carriers. And what that means is that that the IBT cannot afford to screw with YRC because they are one of a few left Hiring Teamsters. Let’s not kill the golden goose. They need the dues to keep rolling in to pay those inflated saleries to the IBT- 12 grade graduates.
  • Alex Aguilar
    commented 2015-12-17 23:04:24 -0500
    I want to stop paying dues,that’s it I’m done this is BS.why pay if the company says and does what it wants. Grievance procedure my ass.no such thing. This is just the beginning of many more in justice, unbelievable that Johnson would try to sugar coat this BS.I have a question please can a honest Teamster answer.who side is Mr Johnson on.screw driver safety this about frekin profits. Always has and always will be.Brothers and Sisters we need to stand up,come together and voice our disagreement on this. let Johnson be reminded who he works for. Mr Johnson you either work for us the Brotherhood of Teamsters or you work for Yrc.You need to fight for our interest.what the hell is wrong with you and the rest of the freight division.
  • James Oneil
    commented 2015-12-13 13:10:39 -0500
    Seriously ? anytime the IBT gives an employer the “green light” the members get run over. Thank goodness the $100,000 + BA’s at #705 Chicago will Help monitor this program maybe it will help them at the next election since the last election only brought out 2900 votes out of 15,000 members. Lemmings Unite !
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