UPS: Louisville Says 'Hell No'

UPDATED 3:40 p.m. October 10, 2013: The Round Two vote count continues on the Central Region Supplement.

The largest UPS unit in the country, Louisville Local 89, has voted No by 3580 to 488. Local 89’s elected leadership and stewards organized for a big No vote, and the members have backed that stand by a landslide margin.

The count moves on to locals in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri, and other Midwest states. They may work late to finish the count tonight.

The Ohio Rider was rejected by 2189 to 1805, with strong No votes from Dayton, Lima, Zanesville, Columbus and Cincinnati. Of the larger locals only Cleveland Local 407 delivered a big Yes majority; Local 407 members are not having their health benefits cut as they are already in Central States.

Nick Perry, a Columbus Local 413 Vote No leader and observer at the count, says “Instead of no change in the rider, we want to see some gains. If Local 804 and others can win more full-time jobs, we should, too.”

The latest results are available here, along with the Round One (June) results for comparison purposes. The Central Region count continues. Michigan locals were counted yesterday, and the Michigan Rider was passed. will post updated information and vote totals by local union as reported by our dedicated Teamster observers at the count.

Philadelphia, New York Supplements

Philadelphia Local 623 members have Voted No again by a whopping 70% margin — despite the all-out campaign to discourage and divide them.

International Union Vice Presidents and International Reps campaigned nonstop for a Yes Vote. UPS even used the DIAD board to advertise meetings with Hoffa administration officials.

Local 623 members are calling for a new direction in bargaining, including naming rank-and-file members to the bargaining committee and negotiating improvements in the supplement.

The New York Local 804 supplement was passed, after the Local 804 leadership and rank and filers on the bargaining committee called for input from all members on changes to be made. Their supplement provides for increased pension benefits, more full-time jobs and an improved grievance procedure.

The Metro Philadelphia supplement passed narrowly by a vote of 1004 to 918. Three of the four locals, covering all of the largest hubs, rejected it. But an overwhelming turnout and 10-1 yes vote in Wilmington Delaware passed the supplement.

Approximately 27,727 ballots (a preliminary postal service count) were picked up yesterday morning; about 351 were reviewed as challenged. There were 13 additional ballots in a final post office pick-up at Noon. There were approximately 24,900 ballots received from these four supplemental areas in the Round One vote in June.

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