ABF Teamsters Voting on Strike Authorization

More than 8,000 Teamsters at ABF are casting ballots in a strike authorization vote. The contract at ABF expires on June 30.

Local Unions are holding the strike authorization vote at the request of the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee.

It is still early in contract negotiations. Technology has been an important issue in national negotiations.

The IBT has objected to any inward-facing cameras and in-cab monitoring and to the company’s use of autonomous equipment.

The union has presented its initial economic proposals to the company on wages, pension and healthcare.

Nobody wants a strike. However, a credible strike threat is a key component of the Negotiating Committee’s strategy for achieving the best possible contract.

A strong strike vote can actually help prevent a strike because it sends a message to the Company that ABF Teamsters are united.

Help send a strong message to the Company by voting “YES” to authorize a strike.

A “Yes” vote authorizes a strike to be called by the Negotiating Committee after June 30.

A “No” vote would prevent the Committee from calling a strike and undermine our union’s bargaining leverage.

The Freight Division will hold a rally on May 11 in Chicago for Teamsters at ABF and Yellow. Members from across the Chicagoland area will join with Teamster leaders to tell both companies: "The Concession Stand is Closed!"

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