Teamsters Ramp Up Amazon Organizing & Political Action Nationwide

Amazon workers and the Teamsters are taking the fight for fairness at Amazon to Capitol Hill.

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien at the May 2 rally to announce introduction of the
Warehouse Worker Protection Act.

Game-changing legislation has been introduced to hold the company accountable for production harassment.

The bi-partisan “Warehouse Worker Protection Act” would require large warehouse employers like Amazon to disclose quotas to workers and protect workers from unfair discipline based on their work speed.

Amazon is also currently being sued by the FTC for unfair monopoly power, which the company uses to stifle competitors and spread sweatshop wages and working conditions.

Teamsters are scaling up organizing in key market areas from California to New York. UPS Teamsters in dozens of UPS local unions are stepping
up as “Volunteer Coordinators” (VCs) to organize committees of Amazon workers at warehouses and delivery stations.

Amazon workers are organizing petitions and workplace actions to improve safety and protest Amazon’s low-wage, sweatshop model.

Talk to your local union today about getting involved in the IBT Amazon Program.


Volunteer Coordinators 

“I got involved in Amazon organizing after the UPS contract campaign. We are helping Amazon workers to stand up for the rights they have right now under the law and to fight for even more protections and rights with a union contract.”

Basil Darling
Local 804, Brooklyn


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