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Profit-Sharing Bonuses on the Way for ABF Teamsters

ABF Teamsters will receive profit-sharing bonuses on February 16, according to a memo from the Teamsters Freight Division. 

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Organizing for Stronger Contracts in Freight and Transportation

It’s a new era for more than 400,000 Teamsters in trucking and transportation who work under contracts negotiated by the International Union. Members in these industries voted overwhelmingly for O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United in the International Union election.

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Rome Aloise is History

The most charged official in Teamster history is now banned for life. It’s time for a new era of Teamster integrity and pride.

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Your Rights When Your Contract Is Negotiated

How to use your union rights to win a better contract.

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Beating Management at the Grievance Game

How to protect members and enforce the contract when management is trying to derail the grievance procedure.

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UPS Teamsters Take Action

UPSers voted heavily for Teamsters United and its platform of mobilizing members to reverse Hoffa-era givebacks and win a strong contract.

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Organizing for Change After the Election

Teamster members voted overwhelmingly to elect O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United to lead our union. Now, our challenge is to turn that unity into power against the employers.

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UPS Installs On-Truck Surveillance Cameras

UPS is starting to install Lyxt Drive-Cam cameras on package cars.

The devices have both outward-facing and driver-facing cameras, capable of recording video and audio inside the truck.

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Fed Up And Fighting Back at UPS

The contract givebacks imposed in 2018 are coming home to roost for UPSers. What can be done to turn things around?

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Costco Teamsters: Vote No!

Costco Teamsters were mailed ballots on May 20th to vote on a substandard contract offer. Teamster members and the National Negotiating Committee agree: members need to get informed, talk with other Teamsters, and Vote No on this slap in the face. 

Yellow Trims Losses: Best Quarter in Six Years

Yellow Corporation released its first quarter financials on May 10. The company shows strong improvement but is still not profitable. Yellow’s overall operating ratio of 99.3 percent is 3 percent better than a year ago, but well below other LTL carriers, including ABF and TForce.


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