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UPS Installs On-Truck Surveillance Cameras

UPS is starting to install Lyxt Drive-Cam cameras on package cars.

The devices have both outward-facing and driver-facing cameras, capable of recording video and audio inside the truck.

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Fed Up And Fighting Back at UPS

The contract givebacks imposed in 2018 are coming home to roost for UPSers. What can be done to turn things around?

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How to Get Members to Take Union Action

Teamsters Local 89 Organizer Bryan Trafford gives tips on getting members to take union action—whether they are already Teamsters or unorganized workers trying to join our union.

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Meeting the Amazon Threat

With one million low-wage workers in core Teamster industries from warehousing to package delivery, Amazon poses an existential threat to good union jobs.

What will it take to meet the Amazon challenge?

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Contract Victory and a New Day In Local 96

How Local 96 members took back their local and rebuilt union power, winning a 5-year contract with 14% wage increases.

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Move to Restore Bloated International Officer Salaries Stopped Cold!

At the Teamster Convention, International Vice President Rome Aloise, the architect of the Vairma slate, moved to drastically hike the salaries for top International Union officers.

It came up twice, and both times the move to restore bloated IBT salaries was stopped cold.

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Gearing Up to Win The 2021 Teamster Election

Teamster activists are mobilizing to win new leadership and a new direction for our International Union. TDU members are in it to win it. Every Teamster member will be mailed a ballot to vote for the O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United Slate in October.

We need to turn out more than 150,000 votes to be sure to win new leadership. Participation in International Union elections has been on the decline. We’re organizing now to reverse that trend.

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Teamsters Beat Bully Bosses at New York UPS

New York Local 804 shows how our union can stand up to UPS and win.

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Zoom Call for IBT Election Volunteers on Saturday, August 14

TDU will hold a national zoom call on Saturday, Aug. 14 for Teamsters who are volunteering to elect the O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United Slate. Join candidates, campaign coordinators and Teamster activists for an update and to make plans to Get Out the Vote and win this fall. Click here to register. 

Central States Assets Fall – But Relief is Coming!

The assets of the Central States Pension Fund fell to $9.8 billion at the end of March, a drop of $573 million in the first quarter.  The fund projects forward that it will pay $2.83 billion in pension benefits this year, while taking in $651 million in employer contributions.

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