Extreme Anti-Union Group Attacks the Teamsters

The extremist anti-labor group, the Center for Union Facts, bankrolled billboards in Milwaukee and published a report attacking the Teamsters and General President Sean O’Brien ahead of the Republican National Convention.

The Center for Union Facts is America’s #1 anti-union propaganda outlet. It is funded by billionaires, employers, and anti-union industry groups, including the National Right to Work Association, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, the National Restaurant Association, and the Retail Industry Leaders Association which represents union-busting employers like Starbucks. 

The Center for Union Facts report attacks workers' rights groups that every Teamster should be proud to support, including:

  • Jobs with Justice, which helped organize community support for the Teamster contract campaign at UPS and the UAW Stand Up Strike against the Big 3 automakers

  • The National Employment Law Project, which advocates for workers’ rights to organize and fights anti-worker laws like Right to Work for Less

  • The Pension Rights Center, which helped spearhead the passage of the Butch Lewis Act that saved the pensions of over 400,000 Teamsters and millions of retirees and their families. 

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien has asked to speak at both the Democratic and Republican conventions to call for bipartisan support for workers' issues. 

His upcoming appearance at the Republican National Convention has clearly rattled anti-labor forces who fought the legislation that saved Teamster pensions and stacked the National Labor Relations Board with corporate union-busting attorneys.

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