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New Hours of Service Regs Set for September 14

August 2, 2007: Truck drivers will return to the 10-hour maximum driving time on September 14, unless the trucking employers are successful in getting the court to stay its July 24 ruling. In a victory for truck drivers and highway safety, the court threw out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) revised rules that allow 11 hours driving time, and a 34-hour restart. All other aspects of the revised hours of service regulations, including...

Stamford Times: Court Is Correct in Halting Added Hour for Truckers

August 2, 2007: Thanks to a federal appeals court, an administration attempt to allow long-haul truck drivers to add an extra hour to their already long day has been overturned. The court said the government provided insufficient evidence for lengthening the drivers' days from 10 to 11 hours. Click here to read the full story in the Stamford Times.

DHL Rank and File Wins First Round

August 1, 2007: TDU supplied the ammo, and now Teamsters from coast-to-coast are shooting down the sell-out of DHL Teamsters. And they won’t stop shooting till this monster is dead. Today we received the good news that the deal has been stopped, at least for now. The Hoffa administration saw that the Draft National Contract was dead-on-arrival because it would never get approved by the members, and today called off negotiations and sent the local...

Congress Strengthens Safety Protections for Truck Drivers

August 1, 2007: Congress has passed new provisions strengthening “whistleblower” protections for truck drivers. The new rules, part of the new anti-terrorism legislation, strengthen various whistleblower laws, including the employee protection provisions of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act ("STAA"). The STAA, originally enacted in 1982, protects employees who file complaints with the Department of Transportation or their employers about violations of commercial vehicle safety regulations. TDU was instrumental in the passage of the law. The...

Don’t Let DHL Pull Out of the NMFA!

July 25, 2007: DHL Teamsters are uniting to save the national contract. Download the Draft Contract that would gut members’ rights and find out how you can help keep DHL in the NMFA. For years, DHL has wanted to bust out of the NMFA and cut its own deal that includes part-timers like UPS—and other sweetheart terms favorable to the company. Our union has always said NO. But now, the International Union is negotiating a...
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Central States 2nd Quarter Financial Report

The Central States Pension second quarter Financial Report and Independent Special Counsel Report show very little new information. 

Carhaul Locals to Hold Meetings

The IBT Carhaul Division has instructed all carhaul locals to hold meetings to ask members why they rejected the concessionary first offer.

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