How to Organize a Successful Contract Unity Pledge Drive

The UPS contract unity pledge has been a great way to get members fired up about contract negotiations in my local.

gobble-gating_thumb.jpgHere’s how we got started and how we plan to get 70% of UPSers in Columbus to sign the pledge.

Step One: Plan of Attack

  • Assemble your team and make a schedule: We made a plan to launch our drive right when we got the Unity Pledge cards. Business agents and stewards made a schedule to cover different shifts at our UPS buildings.

  • Spread the word: talk to members so they know to expect you. We sent texts to members so they knew to be on the lookout for us and the cards.

Step Two: Launch

  • Tabling: we set up tables in the parking lot with banners and rally signs for visibility. We had snacks to encourage members to stop, and plenty of clipboards and pens.

  • Talk to members: Don’t just wait behind the table! Approach members and put the clipboard in their hands as you explain the Unity Pledge.

  • Have a rap: I tell members, “Contract negotiations are starting. Management needs to see that we’re sticking together on the issues. Sign the pledge and show your support. The more we stick together, the more we’ll win.”

Step Three: Follow Up

  • Track your progress: After you finish your launch, collect all the cards and use a copy of seniority lists to check off each member that signed the pledge. Then you know who you still need to get signed up.

  • Follow up: Depending on the size of your building you may need to table a few times. But most follow up should be one-on-one. Think about who hangs out with whom or has lunch with you at your center. Recruit a volunteer from each clique. Give them cards. Ask them to talk to their friends and get them to sign.

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