Freight Teamsters Coming Together

Freight Teamsters talk about what they are doing to make a difference in our union.

We Need a Union Plan That's Different Than Management's
We look at the Yellow Roadway merger and we wonder what’s next for Holland. Yellow buying Roadway and Holland has done nothing but make a mess of things for working Teamsters. There’s a lot of anger and frustration.

That ten percent cut better mean more than lining the pockets of upper management. We’re all for the companies surviving but we need a union plan that’s different from management’s.

Real payback could start with winning our grievances at the panels and enforcing the contract for the membership, not always for the companies.

Jon Lustig, USF Holland
Local 364, South Bend, Ind.

Hold ABF to a High Standard
ABF was making noise about getting in on the 10 percent wage cut. They didn’t push it but I’m sure they’re looking for ways to get what Yellow got.

They need to open their books and show us they’re losing lots of money if they want any changes. We know ABF’s in pretty good shape and hard working Teamsters are a big part of that success.

Let’s hold the company to the high standards they expect from us.

Marion Gresham, ABF
Local 728, Atlanta

Uprooted Again
A lot of guys left here in Winston-Salem have all transferred here through previous changes. Once again, we find ourselves having to possibly uproot our lives and families to “follow the freight” for some type of job security.

The mood is somber, and morale is low, as each of us weighs our options, and looks to an uncertain future. But we are not giving up on our union or fellow members. We need a strong union now more than ever. I’m working with other members here to organize a TDU meeting and get our union back on track.

Gary D. Carota, Roadway
Local 391, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Observing the Vote Count
I would like to thank TDU for asking me to serve as an observer at the wage concession ballot count. When you attend one of these events, you can clearly see why it is imperative that Teamster members beyond IBT insiders bear witness to the process, be it an election, contract ratification, or concession vote.

Despite the results, it was an honor to sacrifice our time and money to represent the rank and file. I speak not only for myself, but for my fellow observers as well (Ed Brogan, Jim Price and Mike Ward from Local 107, Philadelphia and David Russell from Local 355, Baltimore).

This union is in free fall and only volunteerism will help buffet us from what seems to be an inevitable crash. I encourage all my brothers and sisters to get involved and not blindly follow.

Ed Taylor, USF Holland
Local 107, Philadelphia

I'm Proud to Be a Teamster
I’m proud to be a Teamster, and proud of all the Teamsters at UPS Freight who made it happen.

Before this year, management was judge, jury, and executioner. Now that’s changed. When UPS Freight tried to take away our holiday pay for Christmas, we took action through our union and got our pay. There’s nothing like working under a union contract and getting everything in writing.

It’s important that we have an organization like Teamsters for a Democratic Union, to make sure things are done fairly in our union, and to give members a voice when we need to speak up. That’s why I joined TDU.

Darrold Heyward, UPS Freight
Local 509, Charleston, S.C.

Get Involved. Make a Difference

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