Freight Teamsters Will Have Observers at the Vote Count

TDU is providing freight Teamsters with up-to-date news and analysis about concessions at Yellow Roadway.

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Freight Teamsters Will Have Observers at the Vote Count
Rank-and-file freight Teamsters will have their own observers at the concessions vote count on Tuesday, thanks to TDU members who won that right. Read more.

Yellow Roadway Change of Ops
December 24, 2008: Read and download the complete Yellow Roadway proposed mega Change of Operations. Read more.


What Will Management's Cuts Be?
December 12, 2008: There’s one thing everyone agrees on—CEO Bill Zollars and other top brass at YRCW have badly mismanaged the company. Read more.


Take the Teamster Survey on YRCW Concessions
Have your say by filling out our confidential and quick online survey on the YRCW deal, the Hoffa administration, and the future of our union in freight. Take the survey.


How Did We Get to This Point?
December 9, 2008: Ballots are out and YRCW Teamsters are voting on concessions under the threat of the company going into bankruptcy. How did we get to this point? Read more.


What Freight Teamsters Are Saying
December 8, 2008: Freight Teamsters are making their voices heard about the tentative deal for concessions with YRC.
Read what they’re saying—and make your voice heard, too. Read More.


FAQ on Stock Warrants
December 8, 2008: The proposed concession agreement with YRC contains a provision to set up a trust with stock warrants equal to 15% of YRCW’s outstanding stock. Read More.


Video: Difference with Nonunion 'Wiped Out'
YRC Worldwide CEO Bill Zollars says the proposed concessions will “wipe out the difference between union and nonunion” in the freight industry. Read More.


Equality of Sacrifice? Get the Facts.
December 4, 2008: Many YRC Teamsters are willing to take concessions to help save the company, which is in trouble. Read More.


'In Times Like These, I'm Proud to Be a TDU Member'
The TDU Freight Committee is dedicated to getting members the facts and bringing freight Teamsters together to build union power in our industry. Read More.


YRC Teamsters to Vote on 10 Percent Cuts
December 3, 2008: Teamsters at YRC will vote on a proposal to cut wages by 10 percent and to give back scheduled COLA increases under a concessions package that would stay in place through 2013. Read More.


Summary of the Proposed YRC Concessions Deal
December 3, 2008: Read a summary of the terms of the proposed concessionary deal with Yellow Roadway, which affected Teamsters will vote on by mail ballot. Read More.


A Dollar for Zollars
December 2, 2008: Ford Motor Co. announced today that it will pay Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally a $1 annual salary if it uses federal bailout money. How about a dollar for Zollars? Read More.


ABF Wants Concessions
December 1, 2008: ABF management has signaled its 12,000 Teamster employees that they will want a piece of any concessions that the Teamsters Union gives to YRCW. Read More.

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