Ohio Derailment: “Carrier Greed is off the Rails”

On February 3, a Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, releasing toxic chemicals into the surrounding area.

derailment_thumb.jpgRail Teamsters have been sounding the alarm on the rail carriers’ dangerous neglect of our critical rail infra-structure for years. Here’s what Rail Teamsters are saying about the crisis.

Modica.pngBring Back Staffing

“Carriers like Norfolk Southern have cut 30% of their union workforce across all rail crafts since 2015. The carriers pile up profits for their shareholders by cutting corners, wringing more out of fewer and fewer workers, and subcontracting. Their operating model undermines good union jobs and puts communities across America at risk.”

Tom Modica, BMWED

deven_mantz.jpgFight Corporate Greed

“Derailments have become an everyday occurrence due to track, mechanical, and signal malfunctions. Railroad workers, the public, and politicians need to stand up to carrier greed to make sure this doesn’t become the new normal.”

Deven Mantz, BMWED

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