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Central States Pension Financial Update

January 13, 2015: A review of the 2nd quarter 2014 financial report of the Central States Pension Fund shows that the fund had $18.7 billion as of July 1, 2014. The fund made big investment returns in the first six months of last year, netting slightly over $1 billion, as the stock market moved up. This allowed the fund to tread water: the $1 billion was just enough, along with $400 million in employer contributions...

Teamsters and Retirees Demand Justice

January 9, 2015: Teamsters and retirees from across the Central States Fund and other pension funds are organizing to protect our pensions. Central States was built with pension contributions earned by our blood and sweat. We demand accountability and justice from the Trustees and from Hoffa. The buck stops with our General President.   The Buck Stops with Hoffa Teamster officials have 50 percent of the votes in every pension plan. Hoffa should demand that the Teamster-appointed trustees Vote No on pension...

How Did It Happen? Disastrous Pension Bill Is Now Law

January 8, 2015: Congress approved pension cut legislation in a sneak attack amendment to the budget bill. The fight to protect Teamster pensions is on. Teamsters and retirees are joining the Pension Justice Campaign.   Congress approved pension cut legislation in a sneak attack amendment to the budget bill.   The legislation guts federal pension protections and paves the way for pension cuts in the Central States Pension Fund and very possibly some other Teamster funds.   For 30 years, the anti-cutback rule has made it...

Organizing to Protect Our Pensions

January 9, 2015: Reckless Wall Street schemes tanked the economy and Teamster pension funds. Now Teamsters and retiree advocates are coming together to hold Wall Street accountable and take on pension cuts.   Congress attached to the end-ofyear spending bill a measure that undid 30 years of pension protections. More than one million workers, retirees and their families could see historic pension cuts over the next year or two.   This has sent shock waves across the USA.   The largest affected group is the 300,000...

UPS Profits From Pension Cuts

January 8, 2015: The lame duck Congress attached pension cut legislation to the end-of-year spending bill that will pave the way for the worst pension cuts in Teamster history. Leave it to UPS to find a way to make billions off this disaster.   UPS lobbyists fought for and won a special interest loophole that shifts $2 billion in the company’s pension responsibilities onto the backs of Teamster retirees in the Central States.   These retirees will now face even bigger pension cuts as...
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The Debate Over Debates

For the first time in the 30-year history of Teamster members voting for International Union officers, there will likely be one or more debates between the candidates for Teamster General President. Both the O’Brien-Zuckerman and Vairma-Herrera slates are publicly calling for debates.

Sign the Petition to Support OZ-Teamsters United at the Teamster Convention

O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United is proposing a series of amendments to the Teamster Constitution to increase the power of working Teamsters. Sign the petition to show your support for OZ-Teamsters United at the Teamster Convention.

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