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Editorial: A tale of two equities

Times Union December 30, 2014 View the original piece The recently passed federal spending plan allows big banks to renew risky trades and some pensioners' benefits to be cut. Click here to read more.

That solid pension benefit? It may be subject to change

Len Boselovic Pittsburgh Post Gazette December 29, 2014 View the original piece Some troubled pension plans now have the authority to drastically reduce the benefits of current and future retirees — something that hasn’t happened since Congress passed legislation protecting retirement benefits 40 years ago. The power was included in the last-minute, $1.1 trillion budget compromise signed by President Barack Obama on Dec. 16. Click here to read more at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Union Retirees: Don't Cut My Pension

Melanie Hicken CNN Money December 22, 2014 View the original piece More than a million current and retired truck drivers, construction workers and other union employees could see their pension benefits cut now that Congress has passed a controversial new measure. By allowing the plans to cut benefits now, lawmakers say it will help keep around 150 pension funds from running out of money. But retirees aren't exactly seeing it that way. Many gave up...

New law lets some pension plans cut promised benefits

Michelle Singletary The Washington Post December 19, 2014 View the original piece For some retirees, Congress has played the Grinch this holiday season. Tucked into the federal spending bill were provisions that will allow certain struggling multi-employer pension plans to reduce benefits already being received by retirees. Click here to read more at The Washington Post.

A devastating blow to retirees

MSNBC December 19, 2014 View the original piece America "survived" the government shutdown, sacrificing the benefits and pensions for millions of retirees. Ed Schultz gives an impassioned response to the new budget. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Tony Cardenas join the conversation. Click here to see the video.
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New York Locals 707 and 138 Teamsters To Get Full Pensions Restored

Grassroots organizing to save workers’ pensions is literally paying off. The Road Carriers Local 707 Pension Plan received $725.6 million from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) on February 17, and will start repaying retirees right away to restore their cut pensions.

Central States Pension Plan to Apply for Relief Funds in April

The Central States Pension Plan’s assets fell to $8.8 billion by the end of the third quarter of 2021, according to the fund’s Financial and Analytical Report. As of April 1, the Fund will be able to apply to receive billions of dollars from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) which should protect full benefits for retirees and working Teamsters at least through 2051.

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