Rail Teamsters Organize After Contract Debacle

Rail Teamsters United, a new coalition of rank-and-file Rail Teamsters, is gearing up for their next contract with an in-person Rail Summit in Chicago for BLET and BMWED Teamsters.

rail_thumb.jpgThe last contract covering Rail Teamsters left members angry and hungry for change.

Congress imposed the contract that many rail workers voted down, including the majority of the 30,000 Rail Teamsters in the BMWED-IBT.

A last-ditch effort spearheaded by Rail Teamsters and the International Union to include sick days in the contract died in the Senate.

Weeks later, challenger Eddie Hall ousted long-time BLET president Dennis Pierce in an election upset that showed members’ frustration with status-quo rail leadership and their handling of the contract.

Rank-and-file members in the BMWED and the BLET organized a national conference call to analyze what happened with the contract and make plans for the future.

The next round of contract negotiations begins in less than two years. Here’s what Rail Teamsters United is doing in 2023 to get ready:

In March, Rail Teamsters United will host a national Zoom workshop on “Your Rights Under the RLA.” Topics covered will include RLA bargaining basics, grievances under the RLA, and union rights for Rail Teamsters.

Rail Teamsters United will host more information Zoom calls throughout the year.

Rail Teamster Summit November 4 in Chicago

The next freight rail contract is around the corner in 2025. In the last round of bargaining, a contract campaign that mobilized members, the public, and politicians didn’t start until the very end. It was too little, too late.

This time, rank-and-file Rail Teamsters are get-ting an early start with an in-person Rail Teamsters United Summit in Chicago on November 4. At the summit, members will discuss contract issues to address in 2025 and plan a bottom-up contract campaign to get members engaged before bargaining begins.
Contact TDU to save your spot for the in-person Rail Teamster Summit on Saturday, November 4 in Chicago. An organizer will reach out to you with more information.

Mortensen_podium_2022.jpgNational Rail Teamsters United Summit

“Rail Teamsters are joining together across the BMWED and BLET to make sure what happened to us in 2022 doesn’t happen again. If members are united and put the heat on the carriers, Congress and the public, we can win sick days and much more in 2025.”

Matt Mortensen, BMWED

ROSS_GROOTERS.jpgGet Informed and Stay Involved

“With the changes happening at the top of the BLET, members are hungry for more information. Rail Teamsters United zoom calls are a place to get educated and connect with other members who want a new direction and a stronger union.”

Ross Grooters, BLET

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