Teamster Election Raffle

The Teamster Election Raffle is raising funds to build a campaign war-chest to safeguard our Right to Vote and help win new leadership in 2021.

raffle_thumb.jpgStop givebacks. Unite for change.

TDU is building a campaign war-chest to safeguard our Right to Vote and win new leadership in 2021. The Teamster Election Raffle is raising funds that will help:

  • Eliminate the Two-Thirds Rule on contract votes.

  • Protect members’ right to vote and fair union elections.

  • Support the O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United Slate.  

  • Help members run to be Teamster Convention Delegates.

First Prize: $1,000   

Second Prize: $500   

Third Prize: $100

To order books of tickets to sell order online here.

Only current dues-paying Teamsters may donate to the TDU Teamster Election Fund. Retirees and others can donate to the Education and Legal Defense Fund (TRF).

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There will be one fewer International VP elected from the Central Region next year, and one additional one in the Western Region, according to IBT figures released on October 8.

4000 Southern California Teamsters Give Strike Notice

Teamsters who work for the major retail Southern California grocery chains have given a 72-hour strike notice, as bargaining continues toward today’s deadline, and perhaps beyond it if no settlement is reached.  The 4000 warehouse workers and drivers work for Kroger (includes Ralphs and Food4Less) and Albertsons (includes Vons and Pavilions).

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