Teamster Officials Face Charges in NorCal

Thirteen Teamster officials in Northern California face recommended charges for helping disgraced former IBT Vice President Rome Aloise direct union business while he was suspended from the Teamsters for corruption.

The Independent Investigations Officer has recommended charges against: Jason Rabinowitz, the President of NorCal Joint Council 7 and the principal officer of California Local 2010 and  Peter Nunez, the vice president of Joint Council 7 and the principal officer of Fresno Local 431. 

Rabinowitz and Nunez ran for International Union office on the Vairma-Herrera slate in the 2021 election. 

Also facing possible charges are Steve Beck, Stu Helfer, Stacy Murphy, Lou Valletta, Scott Gonsalves, Jel Bellison, and Mike Fritz of Local 853; Dave Hawley, Carlos Borba, Mark Gleason, and Doug Bloch of Joint Council 7. 

Rome Still Burning

Rome Aloise was suspended from office for two years for corruption, signing a sham contract, taking employer pay-offs and rigging a local union election.

He threatened officials that, “I will be back” and “You should learn that it doesn’t bode well for you to burn bridges with people that have helped you and support you.”

In fact, it didn't bode well for officers to follow the suspended Aloise and put him before the members. The body count of Teamsters Aloise threatens to bring down is now up to 18, including officials charged in May and March with helping Aloise evade his suspension. 

Aloise was ultimately barred for life from the Teamsters for circumventing his suspension and continuing to run union affairs. 

IBT Hearings Next

The IIO submitted the recommended charges to General President Sean O’Brien on July 18, 2023. 

The expected next step is for the IBT to hold a hearing on the charges; the final decision rests with the Independent Review Officer (IRO), Judge Barbara Jones. 

The IIO, Robert Luskin, and the IRO, Judge Barbara Jones, are the two officers appointed by the IBT in place to keep corruption out of the Teamsters. 

Their independent status is guaranteed by the Final Agreement and Order signed by the IBT and the Department of Justice, and by Article 19 of the IBT Constitution.

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