How Working Teamsters are Helping Organize Amazon

From volunteer organizing to solidarity rallies, members are stepping up to meet the Amazon challenge.

(The photo below shows members from Locals 676, 863, 177, and 804 rallying in solidarity with members of Amazonians United who walked off the job protesting unsafe conditions in South Jersey.)

Members in many Teamsters locals are working with International Union staff to build a program that involves UPSers and other Teamsters in the campaign to organize Amazon.

The organizing program has three basic elements:

Educate UPSers and other Teamsters about why we need to organize Amazon. Sign up and train members as Volunteer Organizers.

Tap into the friends and family of Teamsters to make connections with Amazon workers. Volunteer organizers follow up on leads and build organizing relationships.

Support Amazon workers who are taking steps to improve their wages and working conditions. Attend rallies and actions with other allies. Give workers the tools to build on-the-job unity and wield their own power in the workplace.

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