Turn Up the Heat on UPS!

UPS Teamsters won new contract language protecting our right to work safely and prevent heat-related illness. Know your new Article 18 heat safety rights and how to enforce them. Use the UPS Teamsters Toolkit from the IBT to enforce your rights and hold the company accountable.

Article 18 Safety Highlights 

Water. Management must provide every driver with a one-gallon water bottle – and clean drinking water for drivers to fill it with every day.

Ice. UPS must maintain an adequate number of clean, working ice machines, or have ice delivered and available.

Two fans on every package car. UPS must install two working fans in every package car.

Install additional building fans. Management must install additional fans throughout the building to improve air circulation.

Cool Zones. Management must identify cool zones on routes and inside the building where members can rest if experiencing signs of heat illness. You have the right to take a rest in a cool zone when you are experiencing symptoms of heat illness in addition to your regular meal and ten-minute breaks.

Cool Off When You're Overheated 

Management’s goal is to keep us moving as fast as possible. But when temperatures rise, you have a contractual right to rest in a cool
zone to prevent heat-related illness.

This is additional to your regular contractual breaks.

Recognize early signs of heat-related illness, such as fatigue, nausea, headache and cramping. Notify management and inform them you
need a rest to cool down.

Drivers should always use the DIAD to communicate with management, so you have a record.

Rest and rehydrate. When you are recovered and ready to return to work, inform management. If you are struggling to recover, call emergency services.

If management instructs you to clock out, work as instructed and file a grievance.

It is a violation for management to retaliate against members for resting to prevent heat-related illness, or for calling 911 in an emergency.

If that happens, contact your shop steward or business agent. We only have rights if we enforce them.

Distribute the UPS Teamsters Toolkit from the IBT to inform members of your rights and how to enforce them.

LUIS_RIVERA_948.jpgInvolving Members in Heat Safety Audits

“Conducting audits is a way to uncover violations and problems by talking with members in different work areas. Use
the UPS Teamsters App to submit audit results and teach members in other work areas how to do it, too. Gather information to arm shop stewards and concerned members with documentation to win grievances.”

Joseph Lyons, Package Car Driver
Local 270, New Orleans


LUIS_RIVERA_948.jpgGroup Grievances Get the Goods

“UPS drags their feet instead of replacing broken equipment if we let them. Taking group action puts pressure on management to do their job. We are filing group grievances on adding fans in different work areas across the building.”

Stephanie Lee, Preload
Local 767, Dallas Ft. Worth


LUIS_RIVERA_948.jpgMember-to-Member Communication

“My center has a group chat and when it’s hot, we use our chat to do hydration checks. Many drivers are afraid of retaliation or discipline if they take a rest to cool down. We’re going to start changing the culture by using our group chat to show drivers you don’t have to be afraid to take a rest when you’re overheating.”

Henry “CJ” Toaza, Package Car Driver
Local 804, Long Island


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