The UPS Contract and Organizing Amazon

The Teamster contract campaign at UPS can build the movement to organize Amazon. Here’s how.

raiford_web.jpg“As truck drivers, we know Amazon is a growing threat. The contract campaign at UPS is our chance to step up and win big on union benefits, union wages, and union retirement.

"We can show UPS, Amazon and America that the Teamsters are back and workers have power when we stick together.”

Tasha Raiford, Local 710, Illinois




Our Teamsters Union is launching a year-long contract campaign for 340,000 Teamsters at UPS.

If we get involved and stay united, we can reverse contract givebacks, win improvements, and accelerate union organizing at Amazon too.

Show the Power of a Union Contract

After August 1, regular package drivers at UPS will make over $40 an hour. Amazon drivers make only $18 to $25 an hour.
Amazon warehouse workers make wages that are competitive with UPS part-time pay, but with weak health benefits and no job

Winning an even better contract at UPS will show Amazon workers what belonging to a union means and the difference it can make.

Take on Problems We Have in Common

Our contract campaign at UPS will take on a lot of problems that Amazon workers have too, including low wages for inside workers, excessive overtime, harassment, and not enough full-time jobs.

Solidarity Across Our Industry

UPS Teamsters and Amazon workers are already mobilizing in some joint actions. The contract campaign will give UPSers and Amazon workers more opportunities to support each other.

A Labor Movement Moment

If contract negotiations come down to a strike, we have to be ready to win and win big. Imagine a strike of 340,000 UPS Teamsters that is coordinated with rallies, actions, walkouts, and organizing drives at Amazon.

This contract campaign could be a turning point for Teamsters at UPS and workers at Amazon and across the logistics industry. United, we win.

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