What Hoffa Tried to Do to Your Right to Vote – and the Results

Hoffa went to court to try to destroy our Right to Vote. Teamsters fought back. Get the detailed run-down on the rights that Hoffa tried to gut -- and the outcome.


The Consent Order of 1989 is likely to soon be replaced by a Final Order issued by federal judge Loretta Preska, who will hold a hearing on February 11.

What does it mean for Teamsters?

Hoffa tried to destroy our right to vote. You can see that for yourself in what the IBT attorneys filed with the court last June. The US Attorney filed a reply to that, and TDU filed a reply also. You be the judge: who was standing up for you?

Now, the matter is being settled, and a permanent settlement agreement, enforced by the order of the court, is before judge Preska. Thanks go out to our TDU counsel Barbara Harvey, and to the thousands of Teamsters who petitioned the court in defense of Teamsters’ rights.

Here are some key rights that Hoffa tried to destroy, and the outcome: 

  • HOFFA TRIED TO END the consent order, with NO permanent settlement in the form of a Final Order issued by the judge, to protect the right to vote or monitor corruption. This would mean any Teamster leadership which had the majority of delegates at the Convention could end the right to vote, and also have no check on corruption.
  • RESULT: A permanent settlement order which protects the Right to Vote for IBT officers and delegates, with an election supervisor, and the election rules; and the present injunctions on corruption are permanent also (Paragraphs 1-10 and 12-16 of the order)
  • HOFFA TRIED TO RAISE THE 5% BAR FOR NOMINATION to make it difficult or impossible for opposition candidates to be nominated at the IBT Convention. They could raise the percent of delegates needed to whatever it would take to eliminate opposition candidates.
  • RESULT: The 5% threshold is guaranteed by the Final Order for the 2016 and 2021 elections (Paragraph 11 of the order). It’s time to vote out those who want to steal or weaken your right to vote!
  • HOFFA TRIED TO GET SOLE POWER to appoint the Election Supervisor, so he may be able to appoint a weak one. 
  • RESULT: He will NOT have that appointment power for our 2016 election. After that, the GEB will have appointment power (Paragraph 15). It’s time to vote out those who want to steal or weaken your right to vote!
  • RESULT: We won two new improvements. First, the IBT will have to mail a packet with campaign materials from all IBT candidates – not just in the magazines but a separate mailing – one week prior to mailing the ballots. (Paragraph 19). Second, candidates have expanded rights to use IBT emails and digital media to reach Teamster members on line (Exhibit C of the order).
  • RESULT: The Independent Review Board (IRB) shall continue as-is for one year, then be replaced by an Independent Investigations Officer and Independent Review Officer. After five years, appointment power of these Officers will go to the GEB (Paragraphs 24-42).
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