Yellow’s Contract Will be Re-opened for Negotiations

Yellow’s attempt to impose a concessionary change of operations with no benefits for Teamster members has been stopped in its tracks. Instead, the Yellow NMFA will be opened and all issues will be on the table for negotiations, including wage increases which will have to be part of any new contract.

Source: Cam Vilay

The Teamster National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee (TNFINC) will be sending out contract surveys to members and requesting proposals from Local Unions over the next few weeks.

Yellow originally tried to impose a massive change of operations without negotiating any improvements for members.

Yellow wanted to create new utility positions, requiring drivers to work freight on the dock. The proposed change of ops would also have merged seniority lists.

The Teamster leadership refused, saying that members have given up enough. 

“The concession stand is closed,” Freight Director John Murphy told members in an update call.

A notice from the Freight Division warns members that as part of negotiations the company will likely try to merge YRC Freight, New Penn, and Holland into a single integrated operation as part of its “One Yellow” program.

The reopening of the Yellow NMFA means that the Yellow, ABF, and TForce contracts will all be open for negotiation at the same time.

ABF expires on June 30 and ABF Teamsters are voting on a strike authorization. TForce expires on July 31.

The Freight Division will hold a rally on May 11 in Chicago for Teamsters at ABF and Yellow. Members from across the Chicagoland area will join with Teamster leaders to tell both companies: "The Concession Stand is Closed!"

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