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Money There to Restore Our Pensions in the West

April 2, 2007: Assets at the Western Conference of Teamsters (WCT) Pension Trust now top $29 billion and the trust is 100 percent fully funded. But hundreds of thousands of Teamsters covered by the plan are still facing a nearly 40 percent cut in their pension multiplier. Why? And when will our pensions be fully restored? The already-flush WCT Pension Trust is headed for another major influx of cash. In the next UPS contract, the...

Local 814 Movers Smacked with Healthcare Cuts

April 2, 2007: Commercial movers from Teamster Local 814 in New York City have been hit with healthcare cuts—following a concessionary contract that diverted millions of dollars in contributions from their health and welfare fund into their pension plan. Under the terms of the 2005 contract, the $3.96 per hour contribution that was supposed to go into members’ health and welfare fund went into the Pension Fund instead. Poison Pill“We said at the time that...

Connecticut Teamsters Organize for Healthcare Reform

April 2, 2007: Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, putting union members on the defensive at the bargaining table. Local 559 Teamsters are doing something about it by joining forces with labor and community allies to fight for affordable, universal healthcare in Connecticut. They won an important victory last month when the State Legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee approved a bill for single payer healthcare. The vote surprised both supporters and opponents of healthcare reform. Connecticut...

Arming Teamsters with Information to Fight for Our Pensions

April 2, 2007: The 2008 UPS and Freight contracts are our chance to win the contributions we need to protect and increase our benefits. TDU is bringing together Teamster members and pension experts to talk about what working Teamsters can do to protect our benefits.To succeed, we need to understand the challenges we face and put together a plan that can win the pension protections and improvements we need. That’s why Teamsters for a Democratic...

Funds Have Told Hoffa What We Need to Win in Bargaining to Increase Benefits

April 2, 2007: President James Hoffa has been briefed by the different Teamster benefit funds on what we need to win in the UPS and freight contracts to increase our benefits. This information needs to be shared with Teamster members. In 2002 and 2003, Teamsters were promised that our benefits would be secure for the life of the UPS, freight and carhaul contracts. Later, court documents revealed that the Central States Pension Fund repeatedly warned...
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The 2021 IBT Convention—What’s at Stake?

Members are preparing for the next Teamster Convention where majority rule on contracts and our right to fair International Union elections will be on the line.

Upstate and Western NY UPSers Vote No; Hoffa Imposes Contract

UPDATED: Sixty-five percent of UPSers in Upstate and Western New York voted No to reject their supplement for the second time today. The Hoffa administration promptly used the Two-Thirds loophole in the Teamster Constitution to impose the agreement.

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