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Philadelphia Teamsters for a Democratic Union is a worker-led, grassroots organization that mobilizes for workplace justice, living wages, and a strong, democratic union.

We're organizing rank-and-file Teamsters to fight for higher wages, build power on the job, and win new leadership and a new direction for our union. 

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Unity Wins for Metro-Philadelphia UPS Workers

UPS workers in Lawnside, NJ have won PPE and improved conditions for hub workers by sticking together to stand up to management. 

safe_image.jpgUPS Workers Say Company Not Prioritizing Safety as Workers Test Positive

Philadelphia Local 623 Principal Officer Richard Hooker and TDU Organizer David Levin spoke out on Democracy Now on UPS and Amazon workers fighting for health and safety protections from COVID-19.

nbc_news.jpgConcerned Delivery Drivers Busier Than Ever During Coronavirus Crisis

With more Americans staying at home, delivery drivers are in high demand and many are worried about their health and safety. Major delivery companies have updated their policies in response to the coronavirus crisis. NBC News’ Morgan Chesky has advice on how to protect yourself when receiving pack...

"No soap. No hand sanitizer. No cleanliness at all. But, they're telling us, we're essential."

— Local 623 Principal Officer Richard Hooker to NBC Nightly News on the unsanitary conditions at UPS in Philadelphia where the Teamsters are demanding action NOW to protect workers and the public.



UPSers Elect Vote No Activist to Lead Philadelphia Local 623

Teamsters in Philadelphia Local 623 have overwhelmingly elected Richard Hooker and the #623LivesMatter slate. In a four-way race, Hooker beat the incumbent 547-346. That's a 61% to 39% margin. Read the full report from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-b7PmCYhI1W.jpgPhiladelphia UPSers Win a Voice in Contract Negotiations

Fed up with information brownouts and contract givebacks, UPS Teamsters in Philadelphia voted for sweeping reforms in the Local 623 bylaws to give members more power in contract negotiations.



hooker-ups-group.jpgUPS Teamsters United Campaign

Philadelphia TDU activists mobilize UPS Teamsters to fight for living wages and to enforce our rights on the job. More than 57 percent of UPSers in Philadelphia Voted No to reject contract givebacks. 

623-lives-matter-1.jpgFight for Economic Justice

TDU members fight for economic justice—from defending affordable healthcare to opposing pension cuts and contract givebacks. Philadelphia UPSers overwhelmingly Voted No to reject healthcare cuts at UPS. 

BLC-Nichele-Fulmore.jpgEducation for Worker Power

Philadelphia TDU workshops and organizer trainings bring members together to share strategies for beating apathy and enforcing our rights.


Reforming Our Union

TDU helps members take on union officials who stand with the employers, instead of the members. We proudly support the O'Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United Slate for new leadership and a new direction in the Teamsters.


TDU Black Caucus

Members of the TDU Black Caucus work together to build a union that fights for all Teamsters. We bring together African Americans to share strategies and empower ourselves union activists, organizers, and leaders.

Social & Economic Justice

The labor movement is about fighting for all working people. That’s why we team up with the Fight for 15, Medicare for All, and other campaigns for economic and social justice.

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Online Workshop: UPS Shop Steward & Activist Roundtable

Join UPS shop stewards & active Teamsters from around the country for an online roundtable discussion Sunday, January 31.

Strike Victory at Hunts Point

Teamsters at Hunts Point Market have voted overwhelmingly to approve a new contract. More than 1,400 Teamsters went on strike after management offered them a wage increase of just 30 cents. As a result of the strike, workers are now going home with annual raises of 70 cents, 50 cents, and 65 cents and additional paid time off in a three-year contract that protects their healthcare benefits. TDU salutes Local 202 members on their courageous and...
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