Teamsters Don't Cross Picket Lines

It’s not just a slogan: it’s a tool for building our union’s power. By extending and honoring picket lines, Teamsters are increasing our bargaining power and winning better contracts.

Image Source: Teamsters Local 705

Picket-Line Solidarity Delivers For US Foods Members

US Foods drivers in Chicago’s Local 705 won a new contract by taking aggressive strike action and extending picket lines.

The new contract includes $7-an-hour wages increases (with $3 coming in the first year), increases to health-and-welfare contributions, and new safety language requiring clearance gaps on fully loaded trailers.

US Foods also retracted a proposal that would have made it easier to fire drivers for traffic accidents. Members ratified the deal with a 93-27 vote.

The victory was fueled by picket-line extensions and cross-local solidarity with support from the IBT Warehouse Division.

US Foods stonewalled in negotiations over wages, health care, and safety provisions.

At 12:01 a.m. on Monday, January 8, Teamsters Local 705 simultaneously launched a strike at the Bensenville, IL, facility and extended picket lines nationwide.

Over the next three weeks, rolling pickets hit more than two dozen US Foods distribution centers and drop yards from Los Angeles to Indiana to New Jersey, paralyzing its operations in some of the nation’s highest-volume markets.

On January 25, the company buckled.

LUIS_RIVERA_948.jpgTeamsters Helping Teamsters

“I organized with US Foods members from Chicago to extend their picket lines all the way to Southern California. US Foods Teamsters in Southern California had our backs, and the company saw that.We’ll be ready to support them when their time comes. Teamsters don’t cross picket lines.”

Raul Medina
Local 705, Chicago


Picket Lines Power First Contract at DHL-CVG

Over 1,100 DHL ramp and tug workers at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) won their first contract after mounting a 12-day unfair labor practice strike and paralyzing DHL operations by extending picket lines nationwide.

Teamsters in 15 cities on both coasts and in the Midwest honored picket lines that were thrown up by DHL workers from CVG. The rolling strike lines impacted 60 percent of the company’s domestic network. The new contract won immediate wage increases of $2 per hour and $5 raises over the next three years. It doubles the company’s 401(k) retirement contribution and requires DHL to pay for the costs of health care premiums.

It also establishes a worker safety committee at CVG.

Members ratified the contract by 98 percent.

“The solidarity this union has shown is outstanding,” said Brandi Dale, a DHL-CVG Teamster and bargaining committee member. “We had people all across the country standing with us.”

The ramp and tug workers at DHL-CVG voted to organize with the Teamsters in April.

The union filed numerous unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board during and since the organizing campaign, including for DHL’s retaliation against pro-union workers.

“Corporations will run right over you if you don’t check them,” said DHL-CVG Teamster Brendan Taylor. “Unions are our best tool for fixing these problems.”

DHL Teamsters in 15 cities honored picket lines that were extended from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to help 1,100 DHL ramp and tug workers win their first union contract.

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