UPS Contract Unity Signs

Order your signs to build Teamster unity and send the company the message that we won’t accept contract givebacks or a weak deal.

No-2-tier-FB_thumb.JPGUPS made $5 billion last year. But the company is demanding givebacks and a substandard contract.

The new Contract Unity signs from UPS Teamsters United are a great way to raise members’ awareness of company demands that we need to defeat.

Order Your Signs from UPS Teamsters United

Slogans include:

  • No Givebacks. No Exceptions. No Excuses.
  • No Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers
  • Stop Harassment – If They Don’t Deliver, We Don’t Deliver
  • Stop Excessive Overtime
  • Ready to Vote No if We Have To
  • Ready to Strike If We Have To
  • Protect, Preserve & Improve Our Pensions & Healthcare
  • Part-Time Raises!
  • 10,000 22.3 Jobs
  • Stop Subcontracting

Order your signs today to get them on time for contract crunch time.





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