2022 TDU Highlights

Teamster troublemakers are celebrating victories and making plans for the year ahead. Check out our highlights from 2022 and resolutions for the year ahead—and help TDU organize for change in 2023 with an end-of-year donation.

New Leadership, New Direction

TDU helped Sean O’Brien, Fred Zuckerman and the Teamsters United Slate sweep the International Union election and close the Hoffa-era concessions stand for good.

TDU is on the move and growing. We held our largest Convention in 25 years. Our membership is up by 35%. We've expanded our staff to meet the growing demand for organizing meetings and educational workshops. 

UPS Contract Campaign

Tens of thousands of UPS workers participated in contract campaign kickoff actions to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1997 UPS strike and one year until the UPS contract expires.

We’re gearing up a year-long contract campaign to end two-tier, stop excessive, win living wages and more full-time jobs for part-timers, and more. Next up: a national day of action on MLK Day.

$36 Billion Pension Victory

TDU leader Willie Hardy joined a White House ceremony on December 8 to announce $36 billion in funding to secure the pensions of 350,000 Teamsters.

The victory was won by a grassroots movement launched by TDU members and retirees. After the financial crisis, Wall Street got a bailout and workers got stuck with the bill. Until now. 

Winning Local Union Elections

TDU members are organizing for new leadership and a new direction in their local unions—and they are winning! We’re celebrating victories in Iowa, Charlotte, and in Indiana Local 135—one of the largest local unions in the Teamsters.

Rail Teamsters Fight Back

In a surprise upset, rail Teamsters voted out their national president after Congress imposed a contract that many rail workers had rejected. Rail workers are launching the Rail Teamsters United network and planning an organizing summit at the next TDU Convention.

Solidarity from Starbucks to Amazon

Workers are fighting back from Starbucks to Amazon and TDU members are standing with them shoulder to shoulder on picket lines and as volunteer organizers. 

Revolution in the UAW

The rank-and-file revolt against concessions, corruption and two-tier that brought new leadership to the Teamsters Union has spread to the United Auto Workers (UAW) where an insurgent is in a runoff for President. 

Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD) modeled itself after TDU, won the right to vote for International officers, and swept almost all of the positions that reformers contested in the International election this month.  

The Year Ahead

TDU is about organizing at the bottom to make good on the promise of winning change at the top.

In 2023, our movement will hold a record number of organizing meetings and educational workshops. We’re getting strike-ready at UPS and connecting the UPS contract campaign to organizing at Amazon. 

Our opportunities are growing and so are our organizing expenses. Chip in with an end-of-year contribution if you can—and we’ll see you on the frontlines.  



P.S. Click here to download our Special Report on how TDU activists are building a revolution in the Teamsters and where our campaigns are headed in 2023.

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