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Join the Pension Justice Campaign

December 15, 2014: Congress has passed pension cut legislation. Our Campaign for Pension Justice will make our voices heard from Capitol Hill to the Central States Pension Fund. We’re not going to stand by and let this happen without a fight. Yesterday, TDU held a conference call with over 400 Teamsters and retirees—and we are just getting started. Click here to join our Campaign for Pension Justice. Our Campaign for Pension Justice will make our...

UPS Profits Off Pension Cuts

December 15, 2014: The lame duck Congress has attached pension cut legislation to the end-of-year spending bill that will pave the way for the worst pension cuts in Teamster history. Leave it to UPS to find a way to make billions off this disaster. UPS lobbyists fought for and won a special interest loophole that shifts $2 billion in the company’s pension responsibilities on to the backs of Teamster retirees in the Central States. These...

Middle-class retirees deserve better from Congress

Editorial Board St. Louis Post-Dispatch December 15, 2014 View the original piece The devastating pension reform crammed into the omnibus spending bill that will likely soon become law would allow pension trustees to slash the benefits of retired workers and cut future benefits for a shrinking pool of middle-income employees. These people were and are the backbone of our nation’s economy. They drive trucks, mine coal, haul bricks and bag groceries. Corporations have been weaseling out...

Congress approves plan to allow pension cuts

CNN Money Moves CNN Money Moves December 14, 2014 View the original piece More than a million retired and current truck drivers, construction workers and other union workers could see their pension benefits cut now that Congress passed a proposal aimed at shoring up some of the nation's biggest pensions. Tacked on as an amendment to the government's $1.1 trillion spending bill, the proposal was approved by the Senate late Saturday night. While those sponsoring...

FAQs: What the Pension Bill Means for You

UPDATED December 16, 2014: Get answers on the pension cut deal and what it means for you. The ink is still drying on the pension cut deal that was attached in the dead of night to Congress's spending bill. Some questions can be answered now. We will update with new information as it becomes available. Does this bill mandate pension cuts? No. This bill permits “deeply troubled” pension plans, those which could become insolvent over...
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Teamster activists held a national Zoom call on Sunday to celebrate the end of the accreditation petition drive and to discuss the next steps for winning new leadership and new direction in our International Union.

Winning Change at the 2021 Teamster Convention

Register for the online workshop Winning Change at the 2021 Teamster Convention, and discuss the role of TDU members in winning union reforms, and what we can fight for and win at the 2021 Teamster Convention. 

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