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Central PA Pension Reformers Continue Struggle

July 15, 2002: The pressure is on! The Central Pennsylvania Teamster Pension Reform Committee is a force that will not be denied. Through lawsuits, mass meetings, media exposure, petitions, contact with influential public officials and regulatory agencies, tough questioning at union meetings and membership education, the committee has created a situation where the Teamsters, from Hoffa on down, have to deal with their critical pension problem. For Teamsters in the Central Pennsylvania pension plan, any...

Teamster Pensions: What You Need To Know

July 15, 2002: Many Teamsters rely on their pension benefits to provide for a secure retirement. But recent events like the crisis in the Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Pension Fund and health benefit rollbacks in the Central States and New England funds (see related stories) have Teamsters asking a lot of questions about the security of those benefits. This article answers some frequently-asked questions about our Teamster benefits. Please note that these answers are only general...

Central PA Pension Fight Continues

April 30, 2002: The latest wrinkle in the fight to salvage decent pensions from the troubled Central Pennsylvania Pension Fund is a proposed merger with the New York State Fund. This is a position being pushed by the International union and six of the eight local unions involved. The proposal is being resisted by Reading Local 429, the pension fund’s controlling local and Allentown Local 773. On July 17 the actuaries from the New York...
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Teamsters United for a Good UPS Contract

Fred Zuckerman and UPS Teamsters talked contract issues and made organizing plans to win a strong contract on a national conference call on June 10.  

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