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Rail Teamster Contract Showdown

Rail Teamsters and the IBT made a final push to win paid sick days as Congress prepares to vote to impose a tentative agreement covering 115,000 rail workers, including 48,000 Teamsters. UPDATE 12/1/22: The Senate has voted down the measure to provide 7 paid sick days to rail workers. 

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New TDU Gear!

Check out the TDU Store for new t-shirts, hoodies (get ready for winter!), and posters.

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Fighting Back in the New Teamsters

Teamsters elected International Union leaders who will stand behind the members. But it’s up to members to stand up for ourselves if we want power on the job and in our union.

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How to Change Your Local Union Bylaws

Changing our local union bylaws is one way that Teamsters are opening up locals to more participation and member power.

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Winning UPS Pension Improvements

About 65,000 UPSers in the 22 states covered by the IBT-UPS Pension Plan get substandard pensions. Upcoming contract negotiations are a chance to do something about it.

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BMWED Rail Teamsters Reject Deal

In October, Teamsters in the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division (BMWED), who build and maintain tracks and bridges, voted down a national tentative agreement with the freight rail carriers.

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Taking on Unfair Discipline

Unfair discipline is a way of life at UPS—and a broken grievance procedure helps management get away with it.

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How UPS Teamsters Are Building the UPS Contract Campaign at Work

To win a good contract, UPSers need to bring the contract campaign into every workplace and reach as many members as possible.

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Five Ways TDU Is Helping Members Build a Stronger Union

Teamster members won new leadership in our International Union. Now, we’re organizing to build a stronger union from the bottom up.

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Recent News

UPS Teamsters Overwhelmingly Approve New Contract, Capping Year-Long Campaign

UPDATED: UPS Teamsters culminated a year-long contract campaign by voting in record turnout to approve their new contract by 86.3 percent. The National Master Agreement is now in effect. Wage increases will be paid retroactive to August 1. Click here to read the local-by-local vote count.

Contract Fight & TA Hit UPS Right in the Profits

UPS delayed its earnings announcement until after the Teamster strike deadline. Today, the results are in and the takeaway is clear. Our strike threat, and the costly tentative agreement, have taken a bite out of UPS’s profits.

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