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Organizing for a Strong UPS Contract

UPS Teamsters organized to elect new International Union leaders who will stand behind the members and stand up to UPS. We don’t have Hoffa to blame anymore. Now, it’s up to us.

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UPS Contract Supplement Comparison

UPS Teamsters have a new tool to understand their contract and prepare for contract negotiations. The UPS Contract Supplement Comparison can be found online at

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Members Speak Out on Contract Goals

UPS members speak out on what they're willing to fight for in the next UPS contract.

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The UPS Contract and Organizing Amazon

The Teamster contract campaign at UPS can build the movement to organize Amazon. Here’s how.

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How Working Teamsters are Helping Organize Amazon

From volunteer organizing to solidarity rallies, members are stepping up to meet the Amazon challenge.

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Teamster Amazon Organizers Speak Out

UPS Teamsters and TDU members Corey Levesque and Anthony Rosario have gone from volunteer organizing to working as part-time organizers at Amazon. Teamster Voice talked to them about what it’s like and how Teamsters can build a movement to organize Amazon.

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What to do When You're Called into the Office

Know and use your union rights to protect yourself from unfair discipline.

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Profit-Sharing Bonuses on the Way for ABF Teamsters

ABF Teamsters will receive profit-sharing bonuses on February 16, according to a memo from the Teamsters Freight Division. 

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Organizing for Stronger Contracts in Freight and Transportation

It’s a new era for more than 400,000 Teamsters in trucking and transportation who work under contracts negotiated by the International Union. Members in these industries voted overwhelmingly for O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United in the International Union election.

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VIDEO: Practicing Picketing—Do's & Don'ts

UPS Teamsters across the country are answering the call from General President Sean O'Brien to conduct Practice Picketing. So what is Practice Picketing, what are the Do's and Don'ts, and how can you get involved? Watch and share this video to learn!

Plus, download the Practice Picketing Guide from the IBT here.

TDU Convention: Register Now & Save $30!

SPECIAL OFFER:  Register for the TDU Convention by October 1 and get $30 off.

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