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Photo Story: A Historic TDU Convention

TDU’s 47th Annual Convention is a wrap. More than 450 Teamsters attended our largest Convention since the 1997 UPS strike. We are looking ahead, fired up, and arming ourselves with the tools to fight back and win. 

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UPS Profits Are Up. So Is Teamster Members’ Determination.

UPS announced third quarter profits of $2.58 billion, an increase over last year. With peak season profits ahead, management can thank UPS Teamsters for a profit haul that beat Wall Street expectations. Here’s why.

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Sysco Teamsters Strike Wave Wins Better Contracts

Sysco Teamsters are using strikes and solidarity to fight for better contracts. More than 800 Sysco Teamsters in three states are celebrating contract victories after they lined up their expiring contracts and took coordinated strike action.

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Members Run for Office in San Diego

Members in San Diego Local 542 are organizing to win their local union election.

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Winning the Right to Elect Stewards

Stockton Local 439 members won the right to elect their shop stewards after organizing a successful campaign to change their local union bylaws.

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Education for Union Power

TDU online and in-person workshops bring members together to learn about union rights and share strategies for building a stronger Teamsters Union.

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Organizing for a Strong UPS Contract

UPS Teamsters organized to elect new International Union leaders who will stand behind the members and stand up to UPS. We don’t have Hoffa to blame anymore. Now, it’s up to us.

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UPS Contract Supplement Comparison

UPS Teamsters have a new tool to understand their contract and prepare for contract negotiations. The UPS Contract Supplement Comparison can be found online at

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Members Speak Out on Contract Goals

UPS members speak out on what they're willing to fight for in the next UPS contract.

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Recent News

Yellow Teamsters Brace for Company Shutdown

In a memo, Teamsters Freight Director John A. Murphy wrote that “Yellow appears to be headed to a complete shutdown within the next few days.” It is a sad day for Yellow Teamsters who built a once-proud company and our union. 

TForce Teamsters to Vote on Proposed Contract

TForce Teamsters will vote in-person this week on a proposed new five-year contract. Read the Tentative Agreement Highlights, a Summary of the Economic Changes, and a complete copy of the Tentative Agreement with all changes.

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