UPS Contract Unity Signs

Order your signs to build Teamster unity and send the company the message that we won’t accept contract givebacks or a weak deal.

No-2-tier-FB_thumb.JPGUPS made $5 billion last year. But the company is demanding givebacks and a substandard contract.

The new Contract Unity signs from UPS Teamsters United are a great way to raise members’ awareness of company demands that we need to defeat.

Order Your Signs from UPS Teamsters United

Slogans include:

  • No Givebacks. No Exceptions. No Excuses.
  • No Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers
  • Stop Harassment – If They Don’t Deliver, We Don’t Deliver
  • Stop Excessive Overtime
  • Ready to Vote No if We Have To
  • Ready to Strike If We Have To
  • Protect, Preserve & Improve Our Pensions & Healthcare
  • Part-Time Raises!
  • 10,000 22.3 Jobs
  • Stop Subcontracting

Order your signs today to get them on time for contract crunch time.





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December 5, 2007: UPS Teamsters were not able to defeat givebacks this time. An analysis of voting results shows what it will take for us to succeed in the future. UPS entered contract talks making record profits of more than $4 billion and under pressure from stockholders to settle the contract early. Our chief negotiators James Hoffa and Ken Hall had the leverage to make UPS deliver. Instead, they gave the company the early deal...

Hoffa-Hall Give Back '97 Strike Gains

December 5, 2007: With the new 2008 contract, Hoffa and Hall gave back to UPS the key gains of our historic 1997 strike: strong Teamster pensions, 10,000 full-time jobs, and more. This happened in no small part because Hoffa and Hall gave up on the contract campaign strategy that made those gains possible. In 1997, our International Union launched a year-long campaign that gave information and power to our members. Every UPS Teamster had a...

Potential Pension Threat in the Future

December 5, 2007: The removal of 44,000 UPS full-time Teamsters from Central States opens the door to lower pensions for all Teamsters down the road—not just in the Central States. UPS is set to save billions of dollars with the deal. TDU pension attorney Ann Curry Thompson answers questions during a pension rights workshop.Whatever your pension plan, members need to understand why UPS wanted this deal and what it means for you. Lowest Pension in...

Pennsylvania UPSers Vote No, Win Gains

December 5, 2007: Against the advice of the International, UPS Teamsters in Pennsylvania voted to reject the national contract and the Central Pennsylvania and Western Pennsylvania supplements. Their No Vote got UPS to put better offers on the table—which are being put to a vote now. The improvements in the new offer are limited—and many members feel more could have been won. After the contract, UPS and the International Union put on a full court...

Two UPS Contracts Still Not Bargained

December 5, 2007: The national UPS contract may soon be settled if the rejected supplements gain approval after being improved. But nearly 20,000 UPSers work under local contracts that are independent of the national agreement—and far from settled. UPS Teamsters throughout Indiana, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa are covered by the Local 705 contract (Chicago area) or the Local 710 contract (covering the rest of Illinois, much of Indiana, and Davenport). Neither of these contracts is...

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