Save Our Pensions Campaign

TDU is uniting Teamsters and retirees together to save our pensions. We won a major victory when the Treasury Department rejected the Central States pension cut plan. But more than 400,000 Teamsters and retirees still face the threat of cuts. We're fighting back. We worked our whole lives for our pensions—now we are working together to defend them. 

TDU has joined forces with AARP, other unions, the Pension Rights Center and labor allies to support pension reform legislation that will strengthen our pension funds and save our benefits.



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Bargaining Stronger Benefits

January 26, 2007: These contract improvements would restore and strengthen our pensions: Higher Contributions. UPS is making record profits (more than $4 billion in after-tax profits last year alone). More of that money needs to go to financing a secure retirement for the Teamsters who make this company run. Include UPS Part-Timers in All Teamster Pension Funds. Part-timers are not included in Teamster pension plans in the Central States and in much of the East....

UPS Plan Would Weaken Our Pensions

January 26, 2007: First UPS demanded benefit cuts in out major Teamster pension plans.Now, management is trying to convince us that they have the solution to our pension problems.With our pension and retiree health benefits at stake, it's ciritical that working Teamsters get the facts. Fact: UPS’s Plan Would Mean a Smaller Pension UPS management wants us to believe that the company would deliver better retirement benefits. In fact, management’s own figures show that UPS...

In West Pension Multiplier Goes Up, But 38% Pension Cut Remains

December 5, 2006: When is an increase actually a cut? Teamsters in the Western Conference Fund are finding out the hard way. Fund trustees voted to raise the pension multiplier. But a typical Teamster will lose $100 a month off of their pension check every year that the new multiplier is in effect. Trustees of the Teamsters Western Conference Fund voted to slightly increase the pension multiplier, the number that determines the amount of pension...

Pension Cuts Hit Flagship UPS Local

December 5, 2006: Just two months into early negotiations with UPS to protect Teamster benefits, the company has cut the pensions of thousands of UPS Teamsters in New York City. Local 804 members will be hit with a 30 percent cut in their pension accrual effective Jan. 1. The cuts send a clear signal that UPS management is continuing its offensive against Teamster benefits.The largest UPS local in the East, Local 804, was the first...

TDU Will Continue to Oppose Benefit Cuts and Fight to Strengthen Teamster Benefits

December 5, 2006: While Hoffa can boast of a 65 percent winning margin overall in the IBT election, he would be well advised to look at the big groups of Teamsters who voted for a change of direction—starting with the with 175,000 Teamsters in the Central States Pension Plan (CSPF). These voters sent a strong message that we need new pension and benefit policies. Most Central States participants belong to mixed locals along with the...
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Recent News

IBT VPs Move to Block Imposition of UPS Deals

International Union Vice President Avral Thompson has issued a letter calling on President Hoffa and the General Executive Board (GEB) to honor the contract votes by UPSers in Detroit and Western Pennsylvania.

TeamCare Employees On Strike

Update: Teamster employees who work for TeamCare and the Central States Pension Fund have gone on strike after rejecting a proposed contract for the fifth time. Five rejections! The vote was 180-171.

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