Fighting Back in the New Teamsters

Teamsters elected International Union leaders who will stand behind the members. But it’s up to members to stand up for ourselves if we want power on the job and in our union.

It’s happening more and more. Members are fighting back in ways large and small—and they are winning.

Contract Victories

Eight hundred Teamsters at Sysco took coordinated strike action across three states and are celebrating major contract victories including wins on healthcare, excessive overtime—and wage increases up to $11/hr. New tactics by the International Union plus rank-and-file unity. That’s the new Teamsters.

Taking Back Our Locals

Members voted overwhelmingly to elect new leadership in the 14,000-member Local 135, one of the largest locals in our union. Rank-and-file organizing to transform our locals and elect leaders that put members first. That’s the new Teamsters Union.

Education For Action

Members are stepping up to learn their rights and how to organize for change. Thousands of Teamsters are participating in workshops and organizing meetings with TDU. Then they’re taking action.

Read their stories. Get inspired. Get involved. It’s a new day in the Teamsters, and what we make of it is up to us.

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Recent News

Organizing Win at UPS Worldport Shows Power of Credible Strike Threat

Almost 200 shuttle drivers at the UPS Worldport hub in Louisville forced their boss to recognize the union in an organizing win that demonstrates the power of a credible strike threat.

Former Local 853 Leader Dennis Hart Charged With Corruption

On February 28, the Independent Investigations Officer (IIO) of the Teamsters delivered to IBT President Sean O’Brien a comprehensive set of charges against Dennis Hart, the former head of Oakland, California, Local 853. Hart served as the place-holder and puppet for Rome Aloise when Aloise was suspended from office for two years (2018-2020) for corruption, employer pay-offs and rigging a Teamster election.

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