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Wall Street Journal: Allied—Controversy, by the Truckload

May 2, 2007: Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle has stirred up controversy with his effort to take control of a big chunk of the nation's car-hauling business, with some help from former President Clinton. Click here to read the full story in the Wall Street Journal.

LA Times: Allied Investors Sue Yucaipa, IBT

April 28, 2007: Shareholders of Allied Holdings Inc. claim that billionaire Ron Burkle's Yucaipa Cos. improperly conspired with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union to gain control of Allied in Bankruptcy Court. Read the complete story in the LA Times.

Carhaulers: Prepare for Contract Battle Ahead

April 20, 2007: On May 9, a hearing in federal bankruptcy court in Georgia could mark a new era for Teamster carhaulers. The Yucaipa investment company is poised to take control of some 65 percent of the carhaul industry in North America, and operate a good bit of it with wages 17 percent below union scale. The days of monopoly management are upon us. Yucaipa is controlled by Ron Burkle, a billionaire investor that the...

Allied Vote Count

Local Region YES NO % YES Total Vote 5 S 21 0 100% 21 25 E 36 28 56% 64 41 C 120 35 77% 155 63 W 7 1 88% 8 79 S 14 35 29% 49 89 C 77 86 47% 163 120 C 24 77 24% 101 135 C 9 7 56% 16 222 W 6 0 100% 6 223 W 12 0 100% 12 251 E 1 0 100% 1 299...

AP: Allied's Chapter 11 Statement Approved

April 6, 2007: Associated Press: Allied Holdings scored two victories this week, winning bankruptcy court approval of its Chapter 11 plan-disclosure statement and its request to enter into a $15 million financing arrangement. Read the full story at
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Hoffa Takes Aim at Teamster Elections

Hoffa is retiring as General President at the end of next year, and he wants to take Teamster democracy with him. Last week, Hoffa told the press about a plan to block contested elections for International Union office, beginning in 2026. We can’t let that happen. 

Teamsters United Slate Adds Nine New Candidates

The O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United Slate announced nine new candidates today, including four current IBT Vice Presidents, at a press conference in Philadelphia.

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