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Carhaul Contract Ballot Count Today

August 11, 2008: The ballots cast on the tentative national carhaul agreement will be counted on Tuesday, August 12, and the count could continue the following day as well. Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) will make results available as soon as possible, on an on-going, local-by-local basis. Check or contact the TDU office. The ballots will be picked up from the post office in the morning, and then the sorting and processing will...

Carhaul: How TDU Won the Right to Contract Observers

August 7, 2008: Rank-and-file carhaulers will have their own observers at the contract vote count next week thanks to TDU members who won that right. When the vote was taken on the 2003 carhaul contract, some Michigan Teamsters knew the result couldn’t be right. These office and dispatch Teamsters had their own supplement, the Michigan Office Supplement, and knew it could not have passed. They started networking, in Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Pontiac—and they confirmed...

Carhaul Steward Calls for End to Lies

July 25, 2008: Carhaulers across the USA are speaking out against the concessionary national contract that is being voted on right now. Many are angry about the outright lies being told on the Teamster website about members' sentiments. You can read a letter from a concerned steward in Kansas City Local 41, who calls on president Hoffa to pull the plug on the lies and on those who abuse members. Click here to read the...

Is this the Teamsters Union, or the Corporate Sales Department?

July 17, 2008: Q. How do you know when a proposed contract is rotten? A. When they use corporate sales tricks to try to get you to buy it. Carhaulers are getting sales calls, and there will be more to come. Many are getting “polled” and asked directly how they intend to vote on the contract. The callers are not Teamsters. They work for Contact America, Meyer Teleservice, or another nonunion tele-marketer. By tomorrow you...

Carhaul Deal Gets Chilly Reception

July 9, 2008: Carhaul locals are holding meetings to sell the proposed carhaul deal. But the concessions are getting a chilly reception. Here are reports from meetings that have been held so far. To send in a report on your contract meeting, or to tell us what members in your local think of the contract, click here. We’ll keep all comments confidential unless you indicate otherwise. Local 604, St. Louis Members Vote Unanimously to Oppose...
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