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Courier-Journal: Carhaulers on Strike at Ford

August 21, 2008: Teamsters who load vehicles onto railcars at the local Ford plants went on strike today after contract negotiations broke down between the union and a contractor, Auto Port. The strike, which involves about 435 workers, is not affecting production at the plants, said Ford spokeswoman Angie Kozleski. The auto company had contingency plans in place, Kozleski said, but declined to describe the measures. Click here to read more at The Courier-Journal.

Carhaulers Plan Next Steps after Rejection

August 14, 2008: After voting by a 60-40 margin to reject a concessionary agreement offered by the International Union, carhaulers are planning to reverse the concessions and win a better contract. Click here to see the vote count results. It was the first national trucking contract rejection since the 1980s, when Teamster president Jackie Presser was handing out concessions. This deal was so bad, even Presser would have been embarrassed to try to sell it....

Carhaul Concessionary Contract Rejected

August 12, 2008: Rank-and-file carhaulers have flexed their muscles and decisively rejected a tentative agreement loaded with concessions. Their vote will send union negotiators back to bargain a more acceptable contract. Tom Landwehr, a rank-and-file observer told us from the count site in Maryland that “I was nervous about it this morning, but the No votes just kept piling up. I feel good about our own Local 327—we had a good vote there. The members...

Carhaul Contract Ratification Vote

August 12, 2008: The ballots cast on the tentative national carhaul agreement are being counted, and initial partial results are available. Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) will make results available as soon as possible, on a local-by-local basis. Click here to see preliminary results.

Carhaul Vote Count Results

The ballots cast on the tentative national carhaul agreement have been tallied and the contract was rejected. Yes: 2,076  No: 2,939 Below are tentative local-by-local results. Updated at 9:44 AM, Aug. 13. Central-Southern Supplement Local City Master Supplement Yes No Yes No 5  Baton Rouge, La. 3 14 3 14 20  Toledo, Ohio 43 55 46 52 26  Danville, Ill. 5 6 3 9 41  Kansas City 71 213 71 213 79  Tampa, Fla. 6...
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