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Will Our Union Fight to Save Carhaul Jobs?

The nonunion attack against carhaul Teamsters continues unabated. Teamsters in Selkirk, N.Y., Hazelwood, Mo., and Baltimore are the latest casualties. Over 200 Baltimore Jobs Lost At the end of December Baltimore Local 557 lost over 200 carhaul jobs to carrier New Concept Solutions. Leaseway, now owned by Penske, had operated out of the terminal since 1938. GM refused Leaseway’s request for a rate increase and Penske terminated the contract. Drivers at New Concept Solutions are...

Allied Requests Wage, Benefit Concessions

In a March 26 letter to its employees, Allied Systems revealed that back on Jan. 8 they requested the elimination of the June 1, 2002, contractual wage increase and health and welfare increase. Incredibly, Teamster leaders never bothered to inform the 6,000 Teamsters employed by Allied about the details of this concession request made three months ago. The International has rejected the deal; there is no way it could be accepted. Other carriers would immediately...

Allied Gives Away More Carhaul Jobs

Allied is in the process of giving away the yard jobs at seven GM plants, reportedly about 200 Teamster jobs. Flint, Detroit, Ft.Wayne, Janesville, Wisc; Moraine, Ohio; Bowling Green, KY; and Doraville, Ga are going to lose Teamster yard jobs as the work goes to Vascor from Allied’s TSI subsidiary. Allied is apparently not even bidding on the work. Vascor is a growing logistics player in the auto industry and already operates some off-site yard...

Allied Demands Carhaul Concessions

Allied Automotive Group has once again demanded concessions from Teamster carhaulers in the form of relief from the June 1 2005 wage increase and relief from “restrictive, non-competitive work rules.” IBT Carhaul Director Doc Conder turned Allied down on February 18. Allied’s CEO Hugh Sawyer dropped a hint (or a threat) into his February 1 letter, now distributed widely to Allied Teamsters, by mentioning the possibility of bankruptcy. If Sawyer attempts to use bankruptcy court...

Go Teamsters: ATT Workers to Vote on Union

Auto Truck Transport (ATT) drivers across the country will soon get a chance to vote to become Teamsters. In mid- September the NLRB issued the election decision for 1,300 drivers in a nation-wide unit. ATT is controlled by Dennis Troha, the CEO of Active Transport, which is covered by our national carhaul contract. ATT was created a decade ago as a union-busting device, and Troha has been able to evade the language against double-breasting in...
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Will UPS Profits Hit $10 Billion in 2021?

Today, UPS announced third quarter profits of $2.3 billion. The company has made a staggering $7.4 billion in profit after taxes in the first nine months this year, and is headed toward a record $10 billion in profits for the year.  

If You Care About Who Wins the Teamster Election, Act Like It

The International Union election is make or break for our union. The outcome will be determined by Teamsters who have not mailed back their ballots yet. It’s up to each of us to talk to members and get out the vote.

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