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Allied’s Axis: Nonunion Despite the Contract

March 2, 2009: When the International gave Allied the 17.5 percent wage concession, the deal provided that Allied’s Axis subsidiary would become union. Two years later, that hasn’t happened. Nonunion shuttle drivers work the Dearborn Michigan yard. Nonunion drivers pull the traffic. Where’s the union leadership?

Carhaulers Unite against Givebacks

December 22, 2008: TDU salutes Teamsters who made a difference in 2008, like carhaulers who united to fight concessions. “We learned in 2008 that carhaulers can have power when we get informed, spread the word, and work together,” said Ken Kontrath.Earlier this year, Teamster carhaulers went into national bargaining with the deck stacked against them. But in a decisive vote on August 11, carhaulers united to beat back concessions. They rejected the national contact and...

Carhaulers Speak Out

“Carhaul Teamsters learned a great lesson when we voted down the first offer. We beat back the concessions that both the companies and our union bargainers claimed they had to have. We knew times were tough but we stood strong in preserving our contract. That took organization to get it done and that’s where TDU comes in. “We held conference calls where carhaulers from across the country were able to share information and reinforce opposition...

Carhaulers Look Toward the Future

November 14, 2008: In August, Teamster carhaulers stood up, said No to concessions and won an improved contract as a result. But there’s more work to be done. Carhaulers who are upset with the direction of our industry aren’t giving up. We’re getting organized. Teamster carhaulers who are upset with the direction of our industry met at the TDU Convention in October to make plans to do something about it. Ken Kontrath speaks to the...

2011-2015 Carhaul Contract and Supplements

National Master Carhaul Agreement Eastern Agreement Central-Southern Agreement Western Agreement 2014-2015 Wage Rate Bulletin for Central-Southern Procedure for “Innocent Till Proven Guilty” Bulletin
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IBT to Yellow: No Contract Re-opener Without Economic Improvements

The IBT Freight Division has told Yellow the contract will not be reopened unless the company agrees that all items will be on the table and there will tangible economic benefits for members.

UPS Contract Update

It was “Game On” as UPS contract negotiations moved to D.C. this week. The Teamsters drew a line in the sand against concessions and management stonewalling at the bargaining table. In the meantime, UPSers turned up in the heat in Contract Action Team trainings and parking lot actions. Get a round-up of the latest here and find out how you can get involved.

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